Want to See the Best Rogue One Scene in LEGO Form?

If you haven’t seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story yet, skip this post until you do. Someone recreated the best scene in the film with LEGO and has submitted it to be made as a real set.

[Editor’s Note: If you have seen Rogue One, check out our spoiler thread to talk with other fans about it.]

User senteosan (Sami Mustonen) submitted “Darth Vader hallway scene” to the LEGO Ideas (previously known as LEGO CUUSOO) site. “I had to do project for it,” they wrote. “It’s simply one of the best Darth Vader scenes ever.” It truly is. Even if you weren’t sold on Rogue One, that scene left an impression. Take a look at the proposed set.

Mustonen says the “Set includes hallway, 5 rebel trooper minifigures + Death Star plans, and of course Darth Vader!” If you think it should get made, give it your support. The way LEGO Ideas works is 10,000 supporters qualifies your set for review and then a review board decides from those finalists which will actually be made into sets.

Mustonen also has a Microscale Jurassic Park set up for consideration at this time.