What If Tim Burton Directed Your Favorite Disney Films?


That’s the question Andrew Tarusov asked and now his peculiar works are making the internet rounds for all to find the answer!

It’s a bit of a departure from Tarusov’s usual work which is pin-ups but these illustrations certainly capture the Tim Burton spirit and look.



This one reminds me of the lovely Family Dog.





This Sleeping Beauty one certainly tells a different story. What do you think?

Check out Bambie, The Lion King, Dumbo and his (probably) not safe for work pin-up illustrations on his Facebook. You can also check out his official website here.

2 Responses to “What If Tim Burton Directed Your Favorite Disney Films?”

  1. Hakan Şahin says:

    Have good films at http://www.egitimizm.com too

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    I feel that his interpretation of Beauty & the Beast would be very The Phantom of the Opera.