Wired.com’s Sexy Geeks of 2010

Everyone else has been spreading the word this week so I figured I might as well post about it. I’ve been chosen by Wired.com as one of their Favorite Sexy Geeks of 2010 along with Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, Grant Morrison, Alessandra Torresani, Stephen Colbert, Veronica Belmont, No Age’s Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, Corrinne Yu, Matt Smith, Marina Orlova, Julian Assange, Shira Lazar, Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge, Mila Kunis, Mark Zuckerberg, Ms Mars and Chris Hughes.

Not sure how much of a “geek” some of those folks are but at least they got it right with me. From Wired:

Who were the sexiest geeks of 2010? Depends on what you mean by the words sexy and geek.

Those terms mean nothing and everything at the same time. They’re linguistic signifiers stuffed with commodification and infested by interpretation. They can be used to stereotype and sell whatever to whomever.

To get the conversation started in Wired.com’s Sexy Geeks 2010 competition, we’ve spotlighted the geeks that galvanized culture so convincingly this year that they became sex symbols, whether they wanted to or not. We’re talking people like Patton Oswalt, who put a bullet through the head of “geek culture” marketing — for Wired, no less! — which is why he, and his gun, made our list.

Eyeball our list of top contenders for the Sexy Geek 2010 title, then nominate your own favorites and vote below.

Here’s my page. Not a sexy picture per se but hey, you can’t have everything, right? Since the initial post, Wired.com users have nominated several of my geeky gal pals as well, Jessica Mills, Molly McIsaac, Katrina Hill, Jill Thompson, Sara Lima, Kylee Lane and even two of my more macho geeks buds, Alan Kistler and Ben Templesmith. The thing that sucks is users don’t seem to know the difference between actual geeks and people who act in geeky television shows or films or even fictional characters. More like Sexy Geek Icons.

Anyway, if you so wish you can cast your up or down votes in the scroll down section of their page or see them all directly here or here. Beware, there are a LOT of pictures now. There’s so many it goes onto a second page (I’m on the second). You can vote for as many people as you want but you can only vote for a person once I believe.
Thanks for your support, this is totally bizarre for me!

12 Responses to “Wired.com’s Sexy Geeks of 2010”

  1. That's awesome!!! Always nice knowing I'm following a nerd celebrity.

  2. Greaser Mike says:

    That's odd, I don't see any competition for you at all.


  3. Michael says:

    Could've gotten a better pic, but it's ok, you're sexy in all of em!

    I agree that some of the people on that list don't seem to really fit the "geek" title, but at least they aren't pandering to total posers like Olivia Munn, ugh!

    So glad you made the list! You rock, Nerdy Bird!

  4. Ryan Sadwick says:

    You're very pretty and you deserve it!

  5. Okie says:

    Woo-hoo! Congratulations. That's exciting.

    Here's hoping the voting goes well…on my way to cast my ballot. :)

  6. Budd says:

    congrats, but why do we need wired to tell us what we already knew.

    and no Alison Hayslip, really?

  7. Thanks everyone and thanks Michael!

  8. Michael says:

    I post a link to vote for you on the Green Lantern website I'm a part of and asked them to vote for you.

  9. CDerosby says:

    Congrats Miss Jill.

  10. excalipoor says:

    I agree about the picture. They should have use a pic from sets of pictures you have cosplay in. But congrats and you definitely deserve it. =)

  11. Congrats!! You totally deserve it :)