Fresh from the floor of WonderCon it’s Thunder…thunder…thunder…THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOO!

This past Sunday, WonderCon hosted the very first panel for the new Warner Bros. Animated produced ThunderCats series from the Cartoon Network. Based on the classic 1980s show, the reimagined ThunderCats has been ten years in the making. The panel featured producers Michael Jelenic and Ethan Spaulding, Art Director Dan Norton and the voice of Lion-O from the original series, who is playing Claudus this time around, actor Larry Kenney.

Check out the full panel coverage plus the first ever trailer at Newsarama!

One Response to “WONDERCON 2011: New THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOO (W/Trailer!)”

  1. CDerosby says:

    way better than the teaser clip we got a month or so ago.