Would you like Rex to be your lawyer?

I’d been feeling a little David Tennant withdrawal since he left Doctor Who (which I why I started rewatching the series recently). I remembered hearing a while back that he landed the title role in an American series on NBC called Rex Is Not Your Lawyer but that’s as far as it went. Well we’ve finally got our first look at the show or at least the pilot. Prepare yourself for his accent…

Takes a little getting used to, no? The premise of the show itself is a bit odd, especially considering it’s a drama. The character of Rex is a very successful lawyer who becomes incapable of appearing in court because of severe panic attacks. Instead of letting his knowledge of the legal system go to waste, he coaches his clients to represent themselves.
Originally the show was set to premiere this past spring but for unknown reasons, did not. In January, word was NBC was still considering Rex for the fall but then was again passed over for the fall 2010 season. Perhaps the release of this clip is an effort to gauge viewer interest or just to appease fans who will never get to see the show come to fruition.
The show also stars Abigail Spencer, Jerry O’Connell, Jane Curtin and Jeffrey Tambour. So what do you think of the bizarre plot for Rex? Is it something you’d watch? Would you give it a shot just for David Tennant?

10 Responses to “Would you like Rex to be your lawyer?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i really liked doubledcoverage.

    it got me to read dc books to be honest. i like how you review the books and your take on things.

    please if you cant bring it back at least throw us a review every once in a while.

    i have been reading dc now, and looking forward to seeing your take on the issues.

    lame i know, thanks!

  2. whogal says:

    OK, so I'm not American, so I probably know zip.

    BUT DT's accent sounds pretty darn good to me! In fact, he reminds me a bit of David Ducovney.

    There, bite me.

    And yes, I would watch it – it sounds good to me.

    Anyway, did anyone catch his "Of Mice and Men" on the radio over in the UK? If not, try to find it and give it a go. I think his accent's faultless in it – if you can find it, see what you think. It was on BBC Radio 4.

  3. ImjustDoug says:

    To be honest, I DO try to follow on Twitter… but also, to be honest, can get confusing for me.

    As for those light up Lantern Rings will make you a deal.

    Find the time to do your DoubleCoverage again (maybe have you and a guy review the books, since I know the guy/girl view about comics can be interesting… just a thought.) and the Lantern rings will be a payment.

    And for those of you not saying anything about Jill not doing the DoubleCoverage… SHOUT OUT. Don't know what your missing till it's gone so don't take a great take on comics for granted!

  4. I agree with everyone, you can't really tell what accent he's really going for. I'm surprised he even went for this role to tell you the truth. I'm much prefer to see him in one where he uses his own accent no matter what the plot.

    Carlisle, you're close, it's Eccleston. :)

    Hey Doug, thanks for asking but I have to be honest, you're the only one who has which is part of the reason I haven't brought it back yet. It was always a tough column to sell because it was about books from a week earlier. I'm considering stopping it or perhaps trying to evolve it because it's a lot of work for little feedback.

    As for your second question, I can't remember now if I mentioned it in my post or if you can even tell but part of the Classy Lantern costumes was to have fancy costume jewelry rings instead of the generic Lantern rings. Plus those are usually too big for our dainty girly hands. I wouldn't mind owning a set though. :)

    Third, I suppose I only wrote about this on Facebook and Twitter but I quit the Point earlier this year. And don't forget, just because you aren't signed up for Twitter doesn't mean you can't read mine every once in a while. :)

  5. Shelly says:

    The plot is intriguing, but from what I can see in that clip, the writing is not all that good. His accent, whatever it's supposed to be, isn't helping.

  6. Carlisle says:

    Wow, he sounds like he should be on "Mad Men" LOL. And, just for the record, while I loved David Tennant, Chris Eggleston (sp?) is still my favorite Doctor.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I've seen the pilot, and as a huge fan of Tennant's I am delighted it didn't get picked up. It is not good, he is not good in it (can't act through the bad American accent) and though the premise sounds fun, the characters were pretty unlikable. Hopefully he'll find something much better; NBC wasn't wrong to let this one go by.

  8. dailypop says:

    WOW that looks awful. No wonder it has still not been picked up. Not sure what 'accent' David is shooting for here, but it makes Nicola Bryant look like Olivier in comparison. Not David's best work.

    Thanks so much for finding the clip, though.

  9. ImjustDoug says:

    Though I have no issue with the current Doc Who I miss David on that show. Just me.

    BUt I got three questions to ask the Nerdy Bird here since am not on Facebook or Twitter (I know I am in the Dark Ages)

    1. I know SDCC and the new writing has kept you busy but what happened to your weekly DoubleCoverage? I miss reading your take on the weekly comics.
    2. You need to get a set of these for your Classy Lanterns:

    3. I listen to the Point for awhile since radio stinks where I am. But Haven't heard you on in the night. You not working at the radio station anymore?

  10. phreak_711 says:

    I'd watch it. Not only for Tennant (but he would be a huge part of it), but also because I find that concept kidn fo interesting. I don't think it would find a large enough audience outside of the 'Who' fans to survive for long, unfortunately.