Would You Name Your Baby After a Doctor Who Companion?


Baby names taken from pop culture isn’t a new trend but recently it looks like more people than ever are choosing Doctor Who’s companions for inspiration.

The Radio Times reported on the Office of National Statistics’ annual list of the 100 most popular baby names in England and Whales. They say it could just be happenstance but a lot of Whovian characters have been showing up (as they have in the past) on the 2015 list.

Here’s what they found:

Amelia – the dearly departed Amelia Pond of course – is the most popular girls’ name in England and Wales for 2015. Even more significantly, Clara entered the top 100 for the very first time in 2015 – the same year as Clara Oswald’s final moments in the Tardis.

Rose (Tyler), Martha (Jones), Sarah (Jane), Victoria (Waterfield – an assistant to the second Doctor) and Grace (Holloway – pal to the eighth Doctor) all feature in the top 100 names for girls…And the boys? Well, Rory (Williams) and Michael (‘Mickey’ Smith) both have a place in the top 100. Jack (Captain Harkness) meanwhile, is the second most popular name for boys in 2015.

Ok, the Michael one is probably a stretch but the report notes that Amelia has been top on the list since 2011 and Karen Gillan’s character first debuted on Doctor Who in 2010. Sure, it could all be one big coincidence that this many Doctor Who character names showed up at once but it’s a really fun coincidence.

12 Responses to “Would You Name Your Baby After a Doctor Who Companion?”

  1. Wheelchair says:

    For real, my friends named their daughter Clara Rose. Her first birthday party was very appropriately themed:

    • Wheelchair says:

      As for me, I decided if I ever had naming privileges over a little girl I’d have to go with Kara. As in Thrace, not Zor-El, though the double-meaning is certainly an advantage… ;)

  2. I don’t think little Samwise would appreciate it if I blended genres.

  3. That Which Dreams says:

    I would have thought that River would have made it as well.

  4. rainbow goddess says:

    “Whales”? Seriously?

  5. lev36 says:

    Of course! If I had kids, I’d certainly name them Ace or Perpugilliam.

  6. VBartilucci says:


    I named my kid after Norville Rogers’ baby sister.

    And if she’d been a boy she’d have been named after Perry Rhodan and Kimball Kinnison.

    If you’re gonna go, go obscure.

  7. Alan Izar says:

    No Donna?

  8. I, for one, cannot wait to name my next son Strax.

  9. …if we have a girl, we’re torn between Clara Oswin and Story. Because we’re rock stars.

  10. Vissum says:

    Where are the numbers on how many babies have been named Stormageddon?