Yes, I am that crazy.

I’m about to leave for New York City to sit on the street all night just so I can read Harry Potter in the morning. It’s 1:30 AM.

This is an old picture from one of the movie releases and yes my shirt says “Harry Potter Makes Me Cry.” My friend made that for me after I read Book 6. Not the first time I cried over one of those books but that was a doozy.

I’m planning on attending the Harry Potter Read-a-Thon at the Scholastic Headquarters. I heard about it a while ago and was sort of back and forth as to whether I was going to go or not. I have no one to go with because either everyone has work tomorrow morning or they aren’t nearly as crazy as I am. I have no idea if I’m going to get there ridiculously early (so I can be one of the readers) or if I’m going to get there too late but I have to at least try.

I set my cell phone up so I can mobile blog but I haven’t really tried it out yet. I’ll see if I can send a few tidbits or pictures while I’m waiting. Wish me luck! I’m off to buy some snacks and a very large coffee.

3 Responses to “Yes, I am that crazy.”

  1. Superduperman, what a pun. I’ve actually never hear that one used before so bravo. I wasn’t going to get out of my car if no one else was there when I arrived actually but there was one person so that was fine. Though I did have quite an experience going from the car to the store front but I’ll be writing about that tomorrow.

    Mandy aww! You would have loved it, it’s a shame you’re not in the area. Did you watch any of the webcast? I got there so early I was actually the first person to read after the editor Arthur Levine. So I read a few paragraphs of the first chapter. I’ll post that tomorrow too. I’m pooped!

  2. I am SO jealous! I really wanted to be able to do that. I totally would have gone with you … had I not been in Austin, where I (unfortunately for the part of me that wants to read HP with a bunch of random strangers) live.

    I hope you had an awesome time. What part did you get to read?

  3. superduperman says:

    And I say call you’re nuts!

    Can we say you’re one hardcore “Potthead”? ^-^

    Not a Potter fan myself and you couldn’t pay me enough to read one of those devil worshipping books let alone sitting out on the crime ridden streets of Gotham at night (where’s Batman when you need him?) waiting for just that opportunity. But, then, that’s just me.:)

    Hey, whatever tickles your fancy.. have fun.