You Could Be Iron Man Too…With A Few Billion Dollars

Oh, rich, fictional, billionaire superheroes…How you taunt us with your gadgets and dashing looks! Why can’t we be just like you? But wait, why can’t we? Regular Joes don’t need to plunge ourselves into vats of radioactive materials in order to save the world. All we need is a few billion dollars — and maybe a couple of degrees in physics and engineering, too.

Iron Man is one of the most believable superheroes out there simply because he isn’t actually “super.” Tony Stark used science and technology to give him his “powers.” And as Marvel Comics discovered in a recent interview with super smarty-pants Ryan Haupt, there will be some very real science on display when “Iron Man 2” hits theaters this week.

Read all about it in my latest article on MTV Splash Page!

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