Zombie Awakening – Interview with Nick Tapalansky

I talk comics, zombies and zombie comics with Awakening author Nick Tapalansky at the Girls Entertainment Network. Plus, Mexican brothels?!

Way back in 1994 The Cranberries posed the question, “What’s in your head?” They were also kind enough to give us the answer: Zombies! Yesterday I brought you the review of Awakening – Volume 1 from Archaia Comics, today I dig deep into the recesses of Tapalansky’s head and find, thankfully, he can still be counted among the living. Alex Eckman-Lawn, his artist? Maybe not so much.

Check out what Tapalansky had to say about the sad state of the zombie world today, Awakening’s time out and what he would do if zombies ever attacked. He’s got the most original answer I’ve ever heard.
Read my interview with the extremely entertaining Mr. Tapalansky at the Girls Entertainment Network.