A Roundup of What You Might Have Missed From Me at HitFix This Week


Check out what you might have missed from me this week online! Stories on Joss Whedon, X-Men movie rights, Wonder Woman’s love life, and more!

Here’s the latest:

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9 Responses to “A Roundup of What You Might Have Missed From Me at HitFix This Week”

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  2. Jess_Witt says:

    Funny, I thought Strange was like half the snark of Stark. I’m admittedly still on-and-off with liking Tony though appreciate him more when he’s part of a team.

    One of my favorite things from Dr. Strange is that it also acts as a setup for its next villain. It doesn’t do as much as it could have, but it’s there at least.

  3. WheelchairNinja says:

    I’m so sick of people freaking out over the Black Widow thing. I don’t know if it’s willful ignorance or narrow-mindedness or what, but I was born steril and still struggle with it to this day, so I completely understood what Natasha was talking about in that scene. In fact I thought her admitting that was amazing representation, but when I saw all the backlash online I was hugely disappointed. That was the first time I felt truly disillusioned with the people in the feminist movement–unfortunately it wasn’t the last.

    I will agree though, not liking pancakes is monstrous. ;)

    I’m still not 100% on board with the X-Men jointing the MCU yet. I didn’t hate Apocalypse as much as everyone else, but if if they really don’t know what to do next… Can we make it a condition that Logan still comes out and Disney can’t reboot/recast/muck up Deadpool, and that they have to use X-23 instead of Wolverine? Then I’d be OK with it.

    I can NOT let myself get excited for a movie version of the Birds of Prey yet. Maybe if Wonder Woman turns out to be amazing and Justice League at least doesn’t suck I’ll let myself start to hope, but I do not want a version of the Birds that has Zack Snyder’s fingerprints on it. I’m not sure I’d be able to stomach a super-slowmo version of *that* scene from TKJ.

    BTW Jill, I’m not sure you can do anything but HitFix is almost unreadable on mobile. The ads are super-intrusive and when the video at the top tries to zoom down to the bottom right corner it sometimes ends up blocking 3/4 of the screen.

    • Evelyn Darkhölme says:

      I dont think the reaction was about her? like it all needed acouple steps of context removal for the hate to make sense? like, they wanted something to hate about, and then one person said the black widow thing and even though it didnt make sense, so many people latched on it that it was just there, so accepted as ‘the problem’ even though it wasnt?

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        So you’re saying the feminists who were so vocal about BW were just looking for something to be offended by? Careful, you’re starting to sound like an MRA… ;-P

        • Evelyn Darkhölme says:

          it wasnt like feminists, it was mostly men. like, people trying to justify hating the film or like joss whedon and everything hes ever touched or not touched but men associated with.

    • Hey! Yeah HitFix gets a lot of complaints about mobile because ads sometimes take over the page or the video is doing the same. I know they’re actively working on it though.