Adrianne Palicki, Chris Hemsworth and other superhero actors Simpson-ized

While trademarked DC and Marvel Comics characters may never wind up guest-starring on the Simpsons, thanks to one blogger, we have an idea what they’d look like.

Dean at Springfield Punx didn’t just draw Wonder Woman, he went one step further and has depicted television’s new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki as a Simpsons character. He writes, “The track record with this type of superhero show is mixed to be sure, but hey, I’ll give it a shot. I actually don’t think the costume is bad at all, and it’s a real step up from that initial press pic (Thanks for the red boots, NBC!)”

Oh, but he didn’t stop there. Dean also Simpson-ized a few other actors in their latest superhero fashion.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. “I’ve long thought that Green Lantern could make a really cool movie, and soon we’re going to find out if they’ve succeeded,” wrote the artist, “It looks pretty good to me so far (and you can only tell so much from a trailer – hello “The Phantom Menace“?) but in any case, there are a ton of people out there that don’t know who “Green Lantern” is yet. This movie should make him a household name, let’s just hope it’s in a good way.”
Chris Evans as Captain America. Dean writes, “It seems like they’re investing a lot of energy in this Captain America; The First Avenger movie. As far as casting, I don’t mind Chris Evans at all actually, I find him to be a pretty likable guy. Here’s hoping that it all pays off!”
Chris Hemsworth as Thor. “This Thor movie looks really interesting,” writes Dean, “It could easily turn out ‘goofy’, but so far it looks like they’re taking it seriously. I mean, it has Anthony Hopkins after all!”

And Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. Well, at least I *think* it’s Garfield. You never know who’s under the mask these days…”I’m pretty hopeful about the new Spidey flick,” wrote Dean, “The new costume is a move somewhat further from the classic comic book suit, but the basic Spidey shapes and colors are still there, so I’m okay with it.”

Besides the movie heroes, Dean’s also illustrated a slew of other comic book characters including Batman and Robin, Storm, Darkseid, Rogue and a sweet Black Canary. Keep up the fantastic work Dean! (And if you wanted to Simpson-ize me, I wouldn’t mind…)

7 Responses to “Adrianne Palicki, Chris Hemsworth and other superhero actors Simpson-ized”

  1. Eyz says:

    Those are all pretty cool!
    I'd even go as far as saying, I actually prefer their Simpsonified look over the movie ones XD

    Very nice blog you have here!
    'Just discovered it a moment ago^^

  2. david_b says:

    Ms. Nerdy:

    Just started reading your blog. Wonderful, wonderful insight.

    Thanks much for showing the Simpson renderings, they're quite good.

    Blessings, and have a productive day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You forgot GL's toes. Hahahahahaha.

  4. rick says:

    damn cool!

  5. Lee says:

    I see a really good Simpsons episode here.

  6. Sshhh! I'm posting about them later this week! :)

  7. Psychotronic says:

    His renditions of the various Doctor Who characters are quite brilliant too.