The Adventures of Sexy Batman

With a title like that how could I NOT be in love with Kate Beaton’s comic strip.

The Adventures of Sexy Batman are a series of strips created by Beaton who previously said “you will never see me do a Batman comic,” because there are so many out there these days. Well, I’m glad she changed her mind.

“Dear readers, a fact: Batman is fun,” she wrote, “Batman is so much fun, and that is why everyone makes comics about him. Case closed, everyone make Batman comics and feel good about it. Plus, is this not where you go for cartoon butt drawings? A marriage of two fine things, like wine and more wine.”
I think her and I would make great friends. Head on over to her site to enjoy the rest of the naughty but hilarious Batman strips and check out her other work, some of which is going to be published by Drawn & Quarterly later this year.