And the winner is…

One month ago I decided I’d had enough of my crappy creative ability and put a call out to the masses. I was looking for talented artists to come up with a sign I could proudly display on my scooter at the San Diego Comic Con to promote my blog. Many fantastic entries later, one has finally made the cut. Drum-roll please…Congratulations to Kristopher Carpenter!

Whether Kris realized I had a fondness for warrior women or not, I couldn’t help but fall in love with his kick-ass depiction of me. We might make a few tweaks between now and SDCC but this is basically what the sold-out crowd will be viewing for 5 days. I predict several walking accidents. I am not responsible for you knocking over an expensive display of Cybermen while staring at my signage ok?

A HUGE thank you goes out to all the artists to participated. This really wasn’t an easy decision. It made me so happy you took the time to make something for me and I hope you had just as much fun as I did getting to see them all.
Thank you again to:

12 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Psychotronic says:

    Probably a good thing I don't draw. Given my proclivities, I might've made the hair redder and it may have ended up considerably less safe for work. LoL!

  2. Randy says:


    Always happy to give props to a fellow Aquaman fan. I am a big follower to your Aquaman Shrine blog.

  3. rob! says:

    Thanks Randy and Rafiq!

  4. Rafiq Raja says:

    Kris's Rendition is the best among the lot, so a nice choice Nerdy.

    By the way, the second price should undoubtedly go to Rob Kelly….. as someone suggested you should distribute this on a T-Shirt on the con … definitely :)


  5. Thanks everybody!

    Alex, that's really interesting! I'm surprised no one thought of doing something like that.

    Yes Art you totally did. :)

    WITA, it's nice to see I rate on the same level as a comic version of myself! :P

  6. WITA says:

    Awesome! I can't wait to see this in person! :3

    And you, of course.

  7. Arturo says:

    Kongrats to Khris!

    (also, I totally kalled it. And that's the end of that gag …)

  8. AlexReager says:

    They were all pretty good. I think it's amazing that you had so many submissions.

    I don't draw but if I did, I would have made an entry that looks something like Papagena. (She doesn't show up until :30)

    Keep fighting the good fight, sexy nerd girl.

  9. Chovengo says:

    Oh my god, it is gorgerous congrats to the artits u look so cute :D

    Cya Jill

  10. Great pic, Jill. I will be looking for it. :D

  11. Randy says:

    You should still make t-shirts out of Rob Kelly's entry. If you do, I'll buy one in an XL. :)

  12. Randy says:

    That's awesome. People will definitely be knocking things over looking at that, Jill. Of course, you most certainly DO want to attract attention.