The Final Apocalypse Trailer Done in the Style of X-Men: The Animated Series

No X-Men film has ever come close to the feeling X-Men: The Animated Series gave me and they probably never will.

Here’s the real deal for comparison.

Are you looking forward to X-Men: Apocalypse? I was fairly disappointed in Days of Future Past but I’m still interested to see where they go with this. Won’t be there on opening day though.

17 Responses to “The Final Apocalypse Trailer Done in the Style of X-Men: The Animated Series

  1. wondercube says:

    So I’m actually super stoked for this. I feel like I hear a lot of negative things? Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a huge X-Men fan so I’m less invested.

    First off, JUBILEE. So stoked. I doubt she’ll have a huge part though, since they seem to be focusing on Jean, Scott, and Nightcrawler a lot in the trailers. Kinda sad JLaw will be exiting the series as Mystique, but she’s had a good run.

    • Yeah, from everything we’ve seen it doesn’t look like they’re going to utilize Jubilee that much which is so silly.

      • wondercube says:

        If nothing else, I can hope this will be a breakout featuring for Lana Condor/Jubilee, and perhaps her role will be expanded in subsequent movies provided her rendition becomes popular enough.

  2. Zatar says:

    I liked Days of Future Past but I’m less than exited for this movie. I think X-men has always been best when dealing in something of a gray area. Even at his worst we should understand why Magneto takes the actions he does.

    Apocalypse though? He’s far to insane to really work on that level, and I don’t even think he’s stylish or cool about being pure evil the way say Mr Sinister or members of the Hell-fire club can be. He’s just boring. The films may change this but I’m not particularly exited.

    Also I don’t like the way it looks like there going with Storm.

    • schumannhertz says:

      yeah that’s what I feel like the thing with Apocalypse is – he’s gonna be boring on the big screen. I get the feeling that he should inspire the same feeling of hatred and whatever that Darkseid from DC does but instead, the trailers have me just ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      ETA: also 90s animated x-men was everything. I watched this show so many fucking times even my dad paid attention and would randomly sing the theme song!

  3. Stephen "Soup" Strange says:

    I like these fanmade trailers.

  4. the silver ravens says:

    i have only seen the first 3 x-men movies after that they kinda soured for me the only one i have seen since was first class and i really liked that one

    • wondercube says:

      I’ve liked the new movies a lot!

      • First class was kind of meh for me. There were bits I liked, and bits I didn’t so it all equaled out. DoFP hit all the right buttons for me and I really enjoyed it despite it’s problems. I’m probably going to end up seeing this one because I’m a sucker for the cast.

  5. the silver ravens says:

    i have so far managed to avoid all trailers for this movie i dont know why dont feel like watching them

  6. Brian Adkins says:

    Why were you slightly disappointed in DOFP?

  7. Jason Rye says:

    Da nanana da nanana da nanana da dah duh! Now I wonder if there is enough Avengers EMH footage to do the Civil War trailer.

    • Stephen "Soup" Strange says:

      I would say so. Heck, they have enough characters to include most of the people in the original event.