Artists Alley

With only one illustration in my sketchbook so far I was hoping the New York Comic Con would be a very productive weekend. Not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be THIS productive. Since I wasn’t able to get on the commission list for the one artist I most wanted I decided to focus on getting quick sketches from several others I love. Here is just a sampling…

Art Baltazar

Franco Aureliani and Art Baltazar from Tiny Titans were super nice and extremely entertaining. I got a sketch from both of them but Art’s wins out because he is the first artist to make the decision to draw me in my scooter.

Dustin Nguyen

Dustin’s work on Detective Comics has been nothing short of breathtaking in my opinion. He was a pleasure to talk to and had some great prints for sale including this GORGEOUS redhead spread. Nice meeting you!

David Petersen

Mouse Guard is one of my favorite comics but since I’ve met David before and already got the mouse sketch out of my system (at least for now) so I was excited to see how he’d draw me. How cute am I? He had a great print for sale featuring a mouse on top of gaming dice. I couldn’t resist.

Ben Templesmith

I’ve been entertained lately by his observations on Twitter but I enjoy all of his artwork. When I asked him to draw me as a zombie/corpse his response was, “Really? It’s not going to be pretty.” I love it.

Matthew Fletcher

Matthew and Christopher Uminga shared a table in Artists Alley. I’d never heard of them but their unique portfolios pulled me in. They were cool guys and Christopher’s sketch of me was pretty freaking adorable but I’m posting Matthew’s because he gave The Nerdy Bird an actual bird.

Georges Jeanty

My favorite sketch of the weekend and not just because Buffy artist Georges Jeanty named me “Jilly the Vampire Slayer,” it’s just beautiful and natural. He wasn’t around early on Friday and I almost ran some people over trying to get to him when he finally arrived. He was already swamped so I left my book with him after he did a preliminary sketch of my face. I went out to dinner and forgot the convention floor closed before the panels did. He was gone for the day and I couldn’t remember if I’d ever written my name on my book. Eeek! I made a B-line to him the next afternoon and he handed it right over. Safe and sound. I was a happy Nerdy Bird.

For a complete look at all my NYCC 09 sketches head on over to my Myspace.

13 Responses to “Artists Alley”

  1. Chovengo says:

    Really congratz your page is really cool , and these pics are really great, u rock girl ^_^

  2. Awww, Randy!

    Thanks Christine!

  3. Christine says:

    I like those sketches. Those are great. I like the one with you in your scooter!

  4. Randy says:

    Yeah, I was gonna comment on who you met, Jill, but you really don’t want to see me reduce to tears, do you??

  5. Tara says:

    cool! Thanks Nerdy Bird! good to know.

    And aw man! Next time we’re totally asking him to do a sketch of Buffyfest! Yours is awesome :)

  6. Randy, I can’t believe you haven’t said anything about me meeting James Robinson yet!

    @ D0nnaTr0y , yeah I figure they get the same old stuff all the time, why not mix it up?

    @Rich, thanks, me too!

    @Geekboy, you totally should. It’s a lot of fun. Plus I think artists enjoy doing sketches in books because they know you aren’t collecting just to sell them on ebay or something.

    @Tara, yeah he was a really nice guy to talk to. He was really busy the entire time or I would have chatted more. His was actually the only sketch I paid for. All the others were really quick and took less than 5 minutes to draw.

    I wouldn’t have minded if you linked, Buffy fans are always welcome here. :)

    @Charlie, thanks!

  7. Charlie B says:

    Great collection and great idea. I saw the one by Geroges Jeanty at the Con, and loved it. It’s nice to see the others too.

  8. Tara says:

    We had an interview w Geroges Jeanty and he’s such a cool and fun guy! I don’t want to link to it here b/c I don’t want to be rude, but it’s at the Buffyfest Blog, if you’re interested. I wish I had people do sketches, that was really foolish of me.

    Did you have to pay for any of these?

  9. GeekBoy says:

    Those are excellent! You’ve actually inspired me to buy a sketchbook for cons. I always hesitate to commission drawings at these things, because I know they’ll just sit in the closet and gather dust. But if I had them all in one book, I’d be more likely to at least look at them now and then.

  10. Rich says:

    Some great pieces there (and over on your MySpace).

    Especially love Georges Jeanty’s one.

  11. D0nnaTr0y says:

    Great idea, having the artists sketch you instead of the superhero, etc. that they are known for. Love the Vampire Slayer!!!

  12. Randy says:

    Awesome sketches there, Jilly. I particularly like the one of you as a Tiny Titan.