Awkward Embraces


GEEK GIRLS BEWARE: This might make you snort.

I present to geek girl and guy alike, Awkward Embraces, a web series by Project A Productions that shows us why so many of us are single. And it’s because, well, we’re nerds.

I happened upon this one after series star Jessica Mills, who might be my new favorite person, added me on Twitter. “Ok, I’ll check out one episode,” I thought, their website did say “Nerdy girls need love too” after all and I’m a big supporter of that statement. I spent the next hour or so watching the rest of season one and laughing my ass off.

Jessica, along with Candis Phlegm and Lyndsey Doolan, create a perfect trio of single ladies looking for love and getting themselves into extremely awkward situations. Awkward for them, hilarious for us. The series is about dating so you may be wondering where the nerdy stuff comes in. Well, Jessica is a huge geek girl. Star Trek (watch out for episode 6), Comic-Con, the whole deal. Sometimes that makes for great chemistry with her would-be suitor, sometimes they run away. Far, far away.

So ladies (and gentlemen), give this one a shot. I’m sure a lot of you will relate. And don’t forget to check out the real life awkward dating stories sent in by fans for the actors to read. Some of them are as funny as the episodes.

Now where’s my cameo…

7 Responses to “Awkward Embraces”

  1. Chance says:

    Thanks for the link. I just watched the first season straight through. Very funny.

  2. Dana says:

    Thanks for sharing this – just watched the entire series – brilliant!

  3. Anonymous says:

    HA! Funny looking show, I may check it out now. Thanks! :)

  4. Funny concept. Certainly not why I'm single again, but possibly why I'm still single and determined to stay so. No need to drag anyone else into my mad mad mad mad mad world.

  5. Amber Love says:

    I actually did snort at the "listen to the stream" part!

  6. Matt Saxe says:

    Awkward Embraces is my favorite web series. Jessica Mills is doing something really special. The writing, acting, casting, everything make it a perfect web series.

  7. Cderosby says:

    …is that what it's like? And are we that bad? (asks the guy with the 5 boxes of Transformers in storage).