We Have Culottes! BBC Reveals Jodie Whittaker’s Official 13th Doctor Costume

In July we found out Jodie Whittaker would be stepping into the shoes of the Doctor. Today we’ve got our first look at her costume for BBC’s Doctor Who.

Though the BBC previously released a teaser video featuring Whittaker, the outfit she was wearing was not her actual costume for her upcoming run as the 13th Doctor. This morning the BBC and BBC America Twitter accounts revealed this new photo with a simple caption: “New series. New Doctor. New look!”

I think it’ll be a contentious one because it really is a “look.” But on first glance I liked it. If you’d like an amusing look at the new Doctor trying to choose a new costume, make sure to watch Leigh Lahav’s animated short.

Whittaker has been very enthusiastic about the role so far, even getting to see fans cosplay her for the first time (in the teaser clothes). There’s already fan art online of this official get up, how long until the cosplay shots start rolling out?

8 Responses to “We Have Culottes! BBC Reveals Jodie Whittaker’s Official 13th Doctor Costume”

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  2. Being the fashion snob I am not, I can’t really judge…but it gives me sincere hope that they’re so willing to define her look. Maybe the character will have depths all her own, rather than being a parody or a play it safe take on a female doctor? I was afraid of either of those routes, but this makes me think they have Plans.

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  4. Zefram Mann says:

    I can’t help but feel that outfit was designed to look eccentric for the sake of looking eccentric, rather than something that is eccentric because it demonstrates an unconventional, but still appealing style.

    They made the same mistakes with Colin Baker, and to a much lesser extent Sylvester McCoy.

    I was honestly looking forward to seeing her in what I initially thought was a hooded trench-coat. My impression of the outfit was wrong but it still looks far more dignified.


  5. Imjustdoug . says:

    Ok that is a different look, nothing wrong with it at all. BUT… correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t it remind you of another wild alien? Mork from Ork?

    Blue pants, suspenders, rainbow being highlighted in the clothes just not in the suspenders. I mean other than the shirt doesn’t that remind you of Mork?

  6. VBartilucci says:

    I wasn’t sure if those were Capri pants or not – it would added to my theory that Laura Petrie was a Time lord.

  7. shlincoln says:

    It does feel like a look, which frankly was my problem with the later iterations of Eleven’s costume.

    Coat: good
    Suspenders: cool
    Boots: great
    Shirt: Wesley Crusher meets Mork, but okay
    Pants: No sir, don’t like ’em, but that’s just me

    On the whole, well, it’s better than 5,6,7 and 9. So that’s something.

  8. Abel Undercity says:

    I give it by the end of the day for cosplay shots, depending upon how quickly yellow suspenders can be obtained.