Be A Hero

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Monday-morning geek fix for something else I’m very passionate about – finding a cure for Muscular Dystrophy!

On March 21st I will once again be getting “The Nerdy Birds” together for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s 7th Annual Metro NY/NJ Stride & Ride. I know I have a lot of new readers since last year’s event so I’ll give a brief history (feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you know the deal already). I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) one of over 40 different types of neuromuscular diseases that reside under the umbrella of MD. Since most children and adults with MD find it difficult to walk or cannot walk at all, MDA came up with the idea of Stride & Ride. It’s basically your typical “walk for a cure” where you get people to sponsor you to help raise money for the cause.

Last year my team went well over our personal fundraising goal of $1000 thanks to all my friends and fans. The event was a huge success with over 500 striders raising just over $110,000 to help find a cure for MD! We’re looking to go even bigger for this year’s Stride & Ride which is again being held at the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, New York. It’s a GIANT four-story mall with tons of shops, an IMAX theater, a regular theater, an ice rink, a ferris wheel and a carousel. The benefit of holding something like this in a mall is it goes on rain or shine. The other benefit of course is, you get to shop afterward.
Right now my team is myself and my parents, if anyone in the area would like to join “The Nerdy Birds” we would love to have you but of course what I’m looking for now is donations. People say this all the time but any amount you can give is a good amount, even if it’s a dollar. I’m not joking. If all of my readers gave just one dollar it would start to add up quickly. Though, if any of you won the lottery this past year or are just plain rolling in dough, feel free to give more. :)
You can make your donation securely to MDA via my team homepage. I’m setting “The Nerdy Birds” goal for $1000 again but I’m hoping we can beat last years total. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. And, if you can help spread the word about this on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc that would surely help a great deal as well!

2 Responses to “Be A Hero”

  1. You are the Hero Jill. You inspire me!

  2. The MDA site is offline for maintenance but I will definitely be making a small contribution. Good luck!