Blog@ 3/7-3/11

In case you missed them, here are the stories I contributed to Blog@Newsarama last week!

HELLO KITTY’S IDENTITY CRISIS – What happens when you mix DC characters with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty? CUTENESS.
SDCC hotel blocks open TOMORROW – Well, they opened last week so you’re probably out of luck by now. But people cancel rooms as the con gets closer so there’s always hope!
Etsy Made Me Do It: Luigi – This week, I decided Mario’s taller, skinnier, John Leguizamo-esque brother Luigi deserved his time in the spotlight.
BREAKING: Amazing Fantasy #15 sells for $1.1 million! – The comic book in which Spider-Man made his first appearance went for an amazing $1.1 million in a transaction last week. That’s gonna buy a lot of web shooters.
Bid on a custom Cliff Chiang/Brian Stringer tattoo! – Up for bid on Ebay, a custom tattoo designed personally for you by comic artist Cliff Chiang and inked by artist Brian Stringer at C2E2. The best part? Proceeds go to the Hero Initiative.
The biggest THOR hammer you’ll see today – As if Mjolnir wasn’t big enough, Marvel decided to go extra large with their new Thor movie standee (you know, those giant cardboard things in theater lobbies).
Jeff Smith’s RASL to be made into a feature film – Eisner Award winning Jeff Smith of Bone fame has just found himself in a very nice position. His black-and-white comic book RASL has been optioned for a feature film.
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  1. There's a really simple fix to that borky, click "audio off" on the image. :)

  2. borky says:

    I tell you what, dear, that flamin' Momoa's boy Conan thing so many blogs below's bleedin' distracting, especially if you're looking at a headline to do with Hello Kitty.

    I mean, okay, so Hello Kitty's having an identity crisis, but is this crisis so great it warrants a sinister sounding Conan backing track drowning it out?

    Yours sincerely,
    Has Comics, Reads Boobs