Harry Potter and One Screwed-up Little Kid

A fifteen-second teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released a few weeks ago. It was so awful I didn’t even bother posting about it. It was beyond tease, there was almost nothing to it. So it is with an exceeding amount of pleasure that I share with you the first official TRAILER for HBP. It’s just past this amusing picture of Ron… 

Enjoy! (If you’d like to view it in HD click here.)

I’m always excited for the Harry Potter films but this trailer looks amazing. They really seem to have gotten the dark mood just right for this one. Young Voldemort (Tom Riddle) is being played by Ralph Fiennes’ nephew Hero Fiennes-Tiffin who I expect to be in my nightmares tonight. He’s that good. Half-Blood Prince hits theaters (not soon enough) November 21st.

6 Responses to “Harry Potter and One Screwed-up Little Kid”

  1. What a great birthday present! And totally worth skipping work for.

  2. Martin says:

    Looks great…and it opens on my birthday. Guess who skipping work that day?

  3. Geekboy, that was exactly who I was thinking of when I watched it!!

    Sarah, my friends and I try to keep calm about new HP releases but now that this is out it’s going to reach a fever pitch very soon, haha.

  4. Stephen says:

    that actually looks like a decent hp flick

  5. Sarah says:

    That trailer made my day. I could not be more excited for this movie. Also, perfect casting for the young Voldemort, the whole thing put a shiver down my spine.

  6. GeekBoy says:

    Yikes. That kid’s scary alright. Like that little kid who played Damien in the original Omen movie. Very creepy trailer.