Bryan Cranston Joins the Power Rangers Movie as Zordon (Yes, Really)

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There was a time when Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston might have played DC’s Lex Luthor but now he’s set to tackle another famous bald character – Zordon from the Power Rangers.


I’m almost speechless. The actor himself made the reveal on Twitter…

and the official Power Rangers account confirmed it…

What do you think? Cranston previously starred in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers voicing Twinman/Snizard though he was uncredited at the time. He joins Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, plus Rangers Dacre Montgomery, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, and Ludi Lin.

3 Responses to “Bryan Cranston Joins the Power Rangers Movie as Zordon (Yes, Really)”

  1. Whaaaaat?

    I still don’t know what to expect from this movie. It can turn out to be so incredibly awesome or so really bad, lol

  2. VBartilucci says:

    Now they have to bring back the Snizzard and have Brian voice him too…again.

  3. Dannimon Coutee says:

    Now Im really impressed.