Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl Spot Wants Us to Choose the Right Side

But which side is the right side???

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They’re both so shiny and pretty. Hard to decide.

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  1. VindicaSean says:

    They’ve hinted the Winter Soldier was responsible for Howard Stark’s death, if memory serves, so I can see Tony taking it very personally. However, one side has Elizabeth Olsen looking very pretty, Paul Rudd (not into the menfolk, but I totally get it with that guy. I mean, respect), and I just really like Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. Also, that side has the human Dorito on it. So, #TeamCap though the wife is #TeamIronMan and I *do* have an eternal crush on Scarlett…dammit.

  2. It’s “Giants vs. Dwarves” all over again!

  3. Every trailer makes Bucky/Steve look more like total bastards.

    • Aeryl says:

      Yeah, how dare Steve try really hard to get his buddy a fair trial when everybody else wants to summarily execute him.

      • His brain-damaged assassin buddy that, in the new trailer, tries to shoot Tony in the face, probably should get a fair trial. And I’m sure the Avengers would be interested in giving him one. But Steve and Bucky (in the trailers, thus far) are clearly not interesting in bowing to any authority except their own. General Ross is wrong if he thinks that Bucky needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice, but not wrong if he thinks they’re a bunch of unregulated egomaniacs that leave mayhem in their wake.

        Also, hello! You’re here now?

        • WheelchairNinja says:

          That is legitimately the first well-thought, reasonable argument for Team Iron Man I’ve ever seen. Bravo.

          • XD I’ve always been pro registration for super powers (as if that is a real world position to hold), but these trailers…honestly, they skew the characters to create conflict and I get extreme sads as a result. Even in Ant-Man, when Sam fires machine guns at the tiny little speck of invader that he just a moment ago exchanged a few words with…that’s a Helluva thing to see him doing, just full on trying to murder a guy. I don’t like it.

            …it reminds me of when Steve cheated on Miranda. >_> The writers just CREATE CONFLICT, no matter how they have to scramble the characters’ brains to do so.

        • Aeryl says:

          But Steve and Bucky (in the trailers, thus far) are clearly not interesting in bowing to any authority except their own.

          The only thing Steve has said is “They think you did, are coming for you, and they don’t plan on taking you alive”

          Nothing about legislation, the Accords, or authority, just hey buddy, these people want to kill you. We also have no idea where Ross comes down on this, he’s only been shown showing the Accords to Steve(who looks accepting but resigned). My best guess is that Steve isn’t rebelling from anyone, he’s just trying to learn the truth about who was behind the attack(Zemo) and everyone else is more concerned with making Steve toe the line.

          And the trailer also shows us Tony pulling his weapon first. Pulling a weapon on somebody brain damaged like Bucky regardless if they plan on using it on them, deserves to be shot in the face. Chris Kyle anyone?

          And yes, I’ve been here. I’ve responded to you before and everything. I have to make myself remember to visit the page, but it’s becoming a habit.

          • I can’t imagine a world where I’m wrong about Ross, but the rest I’ll leave because the trailers haven’t given us (I hope) more than one or two scenes. We haven’t seen Ant-Man in giant mode or Spider-Man…my fingers are crossed that the plot is less stupid than it looks like it is and that Cap isn’t a villain in his own movie.

            As far as “deserves to be shot in the face,” yikes.

          • Aeryl says:

            Deserves may be too strong, but seriously, don’t wave weapons around people who have trauma TONY!

            my fingers are crossed that the plot is less stupid than it looks like it is and that Cap isn’t a villain in his own movie.

            I’d say the only way you can say that is if you are actively ignoring the aspects of the plot we’ve been given. Ross appears to be on the anti-Steve side with Tony, but since when does Tony work with the asshole who traumatized his friend Bruce? Steve flat out says his problem is that they are coming to KILL Bucky when Bucky says he’s innocent. How in the hell does “defending an innocent man from wrongful execution” make someone a villain?

            People who think that this movie is actually about the legislation are letting their knowledge of the comic story influence their thinking. The marketing, framing this as a two sided issue, is not helping. But there are more than that. There is the side of the actual bad guys. There is the side of Steve that’s trying to do something about it.

            And then there is the side that Tony is on, the ones who think Steve is rebelling against THEIR AUTHORITAH, when in actuality Steve is on the ball figuring out who’s behind the plot to turn the public against superheroes. Steve will be the one who was right all along, while Tony, Ross et al dropped the ball being more concerned about getting vengeance on Bucky and making Steve comply(as if) than with the real danger going on here.

          • You’re doing as much extrapolating and theorizing as I am…I’d say it makes sense for Steve to be the one to right things, since the movie is called Captain America, but what they’ve given us so far is washed out and super depressing.

            Based on the trailers only, I’d say this movie is about how Bucky and Steve beat the crap out of Tony, blow a giant hole in Rhodey, and side against reason and common sense…which is pretty nominal for a Disney movie.

            Tony breathing the same air as Ross isn’t a surprise since Tony was a weapon manufacturer (and he already met him for a drink at the end of The Incredible Hulk), although I’m wondering where SHIELD is in all of this.

            As for trauma…I feel like anticipating that the unstable assassin in your face is probably going to shoot you mere seconds before he tries to shoot you isn’t so much triggering poor murderous Bucky’s PTSD as it is just plain smart on Tony’s part. And if we’re comparing psychological wounds, Tony’s got a pretty deep one, too.

          • Aeryl says:

            That’s the thing, we don’t know. Tony could have just seen Bucky who was no actual threat, and pulled his glove because he wants to avenge his father, at which point Bucky flips and tries to kill him. Which makes a lot more sense, than Bucky trying to kill Tony for no reason whatsoever.

            And when Tony met Ross in IH, that was BEFORE he met Bruce. And he met Ross for the express purpose of getting him to back off Bruce and let SHIELD handle it.

          • Hey, that works for me too! Watch.

            That’s the thing, we don’t know. Bucky might just be as unstable as he was in the previous outing and Tony, dressed to the nines as usual, might have just been accosted by this greasy murderer on his way to the bathroom.

      • Defne says:

        how dare the world governments, organizations, and the superhero community at large try to hold an assassin trained & controlled by a nazi organization accountable for his actions. i mean oh wait though, the comment that you’re putting forward is that steve wants to get his buddy a fair trial- where exactly did you read or see this/ steve & co are keeping bucky away from the reach of the law in general. actually no one wants to execute bucky, nor has any of the trailers or footage released so far indicated that. actually, the footage released so far indicates that it’s team cap that inflicts damage- bucky shooting tony, what they do to rhodey, the trucks that natasha seems really worried about, not to mention the sniper rifle pointed at iron man in the doorway. hey, maybe that’s just a skewed trailer perspective and it’s going to be flipped in the move, but how dare you specifically try to attack someone’s comment for their opinion on the trailer? it’s an opinion, it’s subjective. grow up.

        • Aeryl says:

          accountable for his actions

          Actions he had no control over.

          where exactly did you read or see this

          Steve Rogers entire canon. If Marvel has decided that this movie hinges on Steve rejecting the American ideals of a fair trial with a jury of your peers, FUCK MARVEL. That’s MOS levels of character assassination.

          actually no one wants to execute bucky,

          From the trailer:

          Steve: “You’re a wanted man. ”

          Bucky: “I don’t do that anymore”

          Steve: “Well, the people who think you did are coming right now. And they are not planning on taking you alive.”

          When law enforcement kills a suspect without a trial, we call that extrajudicial execution.

          but how dare you specifically try to attack someone’s comment


          • Defne says:

            let’s keep in mind bucky is a man who is (whether of his own will or not) tied to the past 70 years worth of political upheavals that have constructed a climate of conflict that has kept the war machine spinning and crunching innocent civilians between its cogs by the thousands. but yes, sure, he was brainwashed by hydra. that still leaves the issues of a) him being a current threat to civilians, as displayed by his attempt to shoot tony in the face b) valuable intel on hydra, a point alone that he should be brought in for, if only to debrief and get information on hydra. c) whether or not he had an active part in whatever he’s being charged in isn’t determined by steve or by bucky but by a court of law. oh, sorry, captain america, you want your friend to get off scott free with no questions asked and a pat on the back and off he goes his own merry way because you’re butt buddies and he’s a superhero and your butt buddy superhero friends aren’t held to the same standard as the rest of us? and we totally can expect him to function normally without having a trigger word that sets him off shooting people in the face? he’s no threat at all despite being a trained assassin who by your own admission is at best mentally damaged but oh, silly me, of course the best cure for that is steve making love to him while the best of celine dion plays in the background? get real. if you’re going to try and drag someone over the coals for having an opinion about how characters are portrayed in the trailer, you’ve gotta bring a little more to the table than your interpretation of steve rogers canon and a line from the trailer that could be taken from any part in the movie- for example, it could be taken from a part after the part where he tried to shoot someone in the face.
            >we also have NO idea that the trucks…
            i’m SO glad you picked up on that little morsel! i set that up specifically for you, because you see i used a little technique called interpretation to personally conclude that the trucks blowing up are actions from the team cap side because nat is on the other side and looks horrified. you’ve taken YOUR liberties with interpreting the perhaps 2 minutes of footage we’ve gotten about a 2 hour movie as well. if my conclusion about nat is objectionable by your own standards, so is all of what you just wrote. bye.

          • Aeryl says:

            And for 30 years of Tony’s life he too ” constructed a climate of conflict that has kept the war machine
            spinning and crunching innocent civilians between its cogs by the
            thousands”, and he doesn’t even have Bucky’s excuse.

          • Aeryl says:

            I’ve also never said anything in regards to Bucky not needing help, or even being imprisoned. He absolutely does. Which is why the people who keep trying to kill him are WRONG.

        • alexanny23 says:

          Okay, awesome. Thanks for your comment. I thought I was somehow missing Tony’s side explicitly saying they wanted to execute Bucky. I thought maybe I missed a trailer.

          I saw Nat trying to persuade Steve not to make the situation worse, Tony saying heroes needed to be held accountable for their actions and Tony and Rhodey getting shot at/hurt in the trailer. I don’t recall them fighting to execute Bucky.

    • alexanny23 says:

      I totally agree with you. I’m shocked the trailers aren’t showing Team Iron Man (i wish they called the sides Pro Accords and Anti-Accords instead) on the offense. Every trailer makes it look like they’re trying to maneuver around the politics of the Accords Team Cap is just punching/shooting at everyone.

      I get the focus on Bucky but it’s really sad that I’ve barely seen anyone talk about T’Challa’s role in this. Several people were hurt and killed in AoU and even before that in New York with the Chitauri. He has a great reason for supporting something that’s trying to stop repeat events and hold someone accountable for them.

      Sure in the comics, there was a much more complicated situation but the trailers (unfortunately) don’t show much reason behind Cap’s actions. Team Iron Man is trying to make peace with the UN and make the public feel more safe. Team Cap is… trying to protect Bucky. The trailers don’t show why Hawkeye, Wanda, Scott, and Sam are supporting Cap besides the fact that he’s Cap.

      I’m sure the actual film will give more reason behind Cap’s team’s actions but the marketing, to me, just makes them look like assholes. Tony and Rhodey aren’t out to assassinate Bucky and yet they’re the one’s Team Cap are shooting at.

      Based on the trailers, I’m solidly on Team Iron Man.

      • That’s all I’m saying! I don’t feel overtly tainted by the comics and I’m trying to just get a feel for the story based on what we know of the MCU…and it’s very disheartening.

        You mentioned something I hadn’t even thought of (and I’ve been wondering how Black Panther plays into it): the Hulk bulldozed through a city in Africa and the Avengers barely saved the Earth from annihilation. He has a responsibility, as a sovereign, to stand up. And it’s great to see that. I hope he has freaking lines.

        • alexanny23 says:

          Yeah, there’s so many differences between the comics and the MCU. All the comparisons being made between the SHRA and the Accords are just confusing to me. They are such completely different situations.

          In my opinion, Steve is not coming across as a hero in these trailers. He looks pretty unreasonable, unnecessarily violent and he’s putting Bucky’s protection above everyone else’s. I’d be very interested in finding out why Wanda, Clint and (especially) Scott are on Cap’s side.

          And I’m hoping T’Challa gets lines. I’m not looking forward to the hate he’ll get for being on Tony’s side, but I hope he gets lines.

          • Aeryl says:

            And again, what exactly isn’t heroic about saving an innocent man from execution?

            It’s pretty apparent to me that Steve and Bucky are hunting down who has framed Bucky, and Tony et al keep interfering in that.

          • alexanny23 says:

            Trying to save Bucky from an unfair execution is heroic, I agree. Attacking your friends and former teammates when (acc. to the trailers) they aren’t pushing for/supporting the unfair execution is not. Rhodey and Tony aren’t the one’s trying to execute Bucky and yet they’re getting shot at and hurt.

          • Aeryl says:

            when (acc. to the trailers) they aren’t pushing for/supporting

            They are the ones using deadly force to try and capture Bucky, how is that NOT pushing or supporting it? The only scene where we’re shown anyone trying to TALK to Steve is Tasha, and she’s implicitly telling Steve to let Bucky be killed, because he can’t stop what’s happening.

          • alexanny23 says:

            They’re shown supporting accountability. There is no evidence in any of the trailers that Tony and Rhodey or Nat are explicitly supporting execution. Are we watching the same trailers? From what I saw, Nat told Steve that he’d make the situation worse. She didn’t say “Stay out of it and let him get executed.”

          • Aeryl says:

            And Steve isn’t shown opposing accountability. People are only assuming Steve is opposed to the Sokovia Accords, because he opposed the SHRA in the comics.

            And yes, Steve is “making the situation worse” by not just letting people kill Bucky because they think he did something. Tasha is expecting Steve to stand by and allow something unjust to happen. And Steve flat out replies “I can’t do that”

          • alexanny23 says:

            In the first trailer, Steve says that he doesn’t quite understand the need for limitations. Again, I don’t think trying to keep Bucky from being unfairly executed is a bad thing. Attacking Tony and Rhodey is what I have a problem with. There is nothing to suggest the government is using them to carry out executing Bucky. Nat asks him if “punching his way out of it” is the best option. Sounds to me like she doesn’t think his methods are smart, not that he should just stand by and let Bucky get killed.

            It’d be one thing if Steve was shown arguing why he didn’t agree with the accords without just punching people. Instead, all we see is Steve and Bucky ripping out Tony’s arc reactor, tag team fighting him, shooting at him, and seriously hurting Rhodey. The only people consistently shown on the offense in the trailers are Steve and Bucky.

            You’re welcome to your own interpretation but I don’t feel that Steve comes across as reasonable in the trailers.

  4. Captain Z says:

    The more I see Panther’s costume, the more I like it.

  5. WheelchairNinja says:

    Why they gotta make Nat and Clint fight after their great friendship in AoU? **sobs**

  6. That Which Dreams says:

    Captain’s Team: 6 people. 1 PoC, 1 woman, two senior citizens.
    Iron Man’s Team: 5 people. 2 PoC, 1 woman, 1 synthetic humanoid.