Civil War Trailer Reveals New Spider-Man, Looks Just Like Every Other Spider-Man

And here I thought Marvel might save the “surprise” for the theater.

Presumably, the clip we get of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in this latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War is the character’s introduction in the film. So if you’d rather go in fresh, don’t watch. Or stop watching around the 2:10 mark as the title comes up.

Other thank that, well, this trailer shows me everything I’m not looking forward to from the film and that’s the hero-bros fighting. What do you think of the latest trailer?

5 Responses to “Civil War Trailer Reveals New Spider-Man, Looks Just Like Every Other Spider-Man”

  1. Aeryl says:

    *incomprehensible noises of NEED*

  2. skwee_bop says:

    Cgi eyes??! WHY????!!

  3. philnolan3d says:

    It doesn’t look anything like the other Spider-Men. This costume looks like kids pajamas. Compare that to the Toby McGuire one that had really sharp lines and are very interesting material the fabric was made of.

  4. I hope the CGI is better in the movie…they changed up his costume again…k, whatever…um. “Underoos!” Yep, I’m onboard. Hooray for this.

  5. Captain Z says:

    I’ve been re-watching Marvel movies to work up to this (Winter Soldier is a nearly perfect movie) and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Though the addition of Spider-Man seems weird. I mean, we’ll be getting introduced to Panther and Spider-Man, as well as developing nearly every other character we’ve seen so far.

    I’m worried it might be a bit much.