Comic Book Review: Days Missing #1

He’s the best kept secret in the galaxy and he just might be humanities only hope. Talk about pressure. Check out a review AND preview of Days Missing #1

You ever have one of those days? Nothing seems to go right and it feels like the universe is taking a giant dump on you. Or maybe you made some really bad decisions you wish you could take back. You’d do anything to press rewind and be able to relive the day with the knowledge of what went wrong and how to fix it. Not only does The Steward have that power, he’s been using it to help humanity since the dawn of time. So how come we’ve never heard of him?

Days Missing is a five-issue miniseries from Archaia Comics, created by Roddenberry Productions executive Trevor Roth. Yup, Roddenberry, as in the people who brought you Star Trek. If you aren’t a Trek fan, don’t worry, this isn’t connected, it’s just great sci-fi. In this first issue we’re introduced to a very powerful being known only as The Steward. The Steward has the ability to “fold” time, essentially bringing two points in time together so that a day never happened. It also means the day starts over for everyone else. Days Missing is like Men In Black without the comedy and only one man. The Steward is literally the best-kept secret in the galaxy because no one remembers he exists after he’s gone. He’s able to shape history by quietly affecting changes that have a major impact. He’s witnessed several “judgement days” on his watch only to narrowly avoid them with a little help from humanity itself. He also makes sure to keep Earth’s secret history of these tragic days in a massive library in the hopes that one day, someone else besides him will be able to read it.
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