[UPDATED] DC’s Live Action Teen Titans Not Moving Forward as a Series at TNT


TNT’s Warner Bros./DC Comics project Titans will not be moving forward after all.

We first heard about the possibility of a Teen Titans live action television show back in September of 2014. At that time the Wall Street Journal wrote, “The television series would more closely resemble a popular 1980s comic called ‘New Titans.’ It featured a 20-something version of Robin who changed his moniker to Nightwing, as well as the new heroes Starfire, Raven and Cyborg.” Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes were writing the pilot.

In May of 2015 the roster was shaping up to be Barbara Gordon, Raven, Starfire, Dawn Granger (Dove), Nightwing/Dick Grayson, and Hank Hall (Hawk), which would have been pretty awesome. But knowing there was an abundance of superhero TV, no one seemed to be in a rush to get it on the air.

Now it seems the project has been shelved indefinitely. Reporting from the Television Critics Association junket, Variety writes:

TNT president Kevin Reilly announced the news at the network’s Television Critics Association press day in Pasadena, Calif. He did not voluntary bring up the topic, but did confirm the project had been scraped when asked by a reporter of “Titans’” status.

“We just decided it wasn’t quite where we wanted to go,” Reilly said, not offering any more details on the decision to pull the plug.

This is a bummer. Warner Bros. television offerings have been pretty great in my opinion (minus Gotham). Perhaps they didn’t want to push their luck?

[UPDATE] The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Reilly directly about the decision:

THR: How much of the decision not to move forward with the DC Comics project Titans, also from Warner Bros., was based on the fact that you don’t own it?

Reilly: It wasn’t. Akiva [Goldsman] is a talented guy, [but] the script just wasn’t there. There is an unbelievable glut of superhero things in the market right now and if you have a really good one, clearly people are up for it. But I just don’t think that there’s a need for one that, for me, at least on paper didn’t seem to be screaming to get made.

8 Responses to “[UPDATED] DC’s Live Action Teen Titans Not Moving Forward as a Series at TNT”

  1. Is there really no audience for a Joss Whedon-style ensemble about teenagers?

  2. Well, poop. Just started with The Flash…they actually do TV pretty well.

  3. WheelchairNinja says:

    I know you don’t check TMS much anymore, Jill, but a few of us crips put together a group sulking corner to mourn the loss of a new live action Oracle. You’re welcome to join us–we have booze and cookies! http://www.themarysue.com/live-action-teen-titans-is-dead/#comment-2445403142 ;)

  4. Akiva Goldsman isn’t good at adaptations. TT dodged a bullet.

  5. Steven Moye says:

    Aw.. was hoping it was just kinda delayed. I was looking forward to this one