WANTED: Dharma Composer

As if the Lost panel at San Diego Comic Con wasn’t exciting enough, ABC has decided to kick it up a notch this year. Surround yourself with mangos, ranch dressing and four-toed statues to get those creative juices flowing if you have to. They want a Lost theme song.

Here’s what ABC has to say:

A call to all Dharma Bassists, Bassoonists, Bandurists, Bouzouki players, Cellists, Clarinetists, Drummers, Electronic Musicians, Flautists, Guitarists, Harpists, Hornists, Keyboardists, Oboists, Pianists, Percussionists, Saxophonists, Sawists, Sitarists, Trombonists, Trumpeters, Tubists, Violinists, and any and all alike….

For this year’s Comic-Con panel, our theme is about giving back to YOU…the fans!!! It is because of you that we are celebrating our 5th year at Comic-Con, and we would love to incorporate your astounding creativity. We’d like to feature YOUR ideal version of what you think a LOST title song would be (if the show had one). Over the years, we’ve been witness to your incredibly innovative pieces on LOST, and would love to hear your fetchy melody for LOST which you were waiting to share!

Awesome!! Except, lots of people have already done that.

It’s still a fun idea. So what does the winner(s) get? Well, they’ve taken a page out of The Nerdy Bird contest book and have offered basically, not much. According to the official rules:

The prize for the individual or group that submits the winning Theme Music (“Winner”) is to have the winning Theme Music played back for the audience (possibly synchronized with video clips of the Program in a mock main title sequence) at the Lost Comic-Con panel in Hall H, Saturday, July 25, 2009. No substitution allowed except, at Sponsor’s sole discretion, a prize of equal or greater value may be substituted. Sponsor has no obligation to use the winning Theme Music in any actual main title sequence, soundtrack, or otherwise in connection with the Program.

I hope they at least give them Dharma related products or action figures or SOMETHING tangible for the win. Hey, they could give away a Benjamin Linus bobblehead!

One Response to “WANTED: Dharma Composer”

  1. That's awesome. Lost is thrilling, mysterious and adventurous so they'd need music to match that. It has to be a lot different than that YouTube clip!