Did You Know I’m Writing For HitFix Harpy Now?


If you’re not one of my Patreon supporters (What are you waiting for!? Get on that!) you might not have gotten the memo. I’m now contributing to HitFix Harpy daily!

Don’t worry, I’m still here! While I continue to try and grow the Patreon to support me full time, I’ve picked up a steady freelance gig at Hitfix.com to supplement that income. It will only be one post a day so it won’t interfere too much with my posting here on The Nerdy Bird, which is something of the utmost concern to me, but it will give me a bit of a safety net going forward. I’m very excited to be posting on their geek girl focused Harpy vertical run by Donna Dickens!

I’m just finishing up my second week of work at HitFix Harpy and thought I’d remind everyone what I’ve been up to. Here are my recent posts:

And don’t forget, if you enjoy my content here and on social media (yes, that’s work for me too!) please considering becoming a Patron for $2 or more a month, it makes a huge difference and there are exciting things to come that may only be available to Patreon supporters.

And to keep you up to date on everything else going on with me right now… last year I was asked to be the International Guest of Honor at Contact2016, the 55th Annual National Speculative Fiction Convention. And it just happens to be in Australia! Long story short, I was overwhelmed at the honor of being asked to attend and they made my lifelong dream of visiting Australia come true by getting myself and my fiance there. Since I’ll likely not make the long trip again, we’re making a longer holiday out of it and will be visiting New Zealand as well (Hobbit holes, here I come!). If you live on the Eastern coast of Australia or the Northern Island of New Zealand, please reach out as I may be trying to meet up with some folks while I’m there.

That said, I won’t be posting regularly online for about three weeks (starting March 21st) but I will try and update here and my Twitter when I have access to wi-fi to share all the amazing sights with you all!

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  1. Evelyn Starshine says:


  2. WheelchairNinja says:

    Ooh, fun! I’ve been considering going to The Shire set for my 30th birthday as kind of an “under the hill” celebration. Have a good time, Jill! I except a full accessibility report on Hobbiton when you get back! ;)