Doctor Who comes to…Springfield?

We all know Doctor Who is coming to America this Saturday on BBC America when the new season premieres at 9 p.m. EST, but did you know the Doctor had been to Springfield? He can travel anywhere in time or space, I see no reason why cartoons would be the exception.

Ok, so the Doctor hasn’t really been to Springfield (unless you count that Tom Baker look-a-like that’s popped up a few times) but Dean from the blog Springfield Punx has a healthy obsession with the show (who can blame him) and has done the honors of depicting a generous portion of the cast as Springfield inhabitants. You gotta check these out…

The Doctor of course, in all his fez and mop glory from the season finale last year. ” I love Matt Smith in the Eleventh Doctor role as well, he’s eccentric and brilliant, but also playful and childlike,” wrote Dean, “I’d be really pleased to see the Eleventh Doctor stick around for a while if possible.”
Amy Pond…in one of many skirts. “It’s been neat to see her growth during the series, first as young dreamer Amelia, up to the grown woman Amy, running headlong into temporal paradoxes… and stuff,” wrote Dean.

Rory!! “I’ve really grown fond of Rory over the course of the fifth series, as he has really seemed to have grown in confidence and character. Even as the plastic Auton Rory,” wrote Dean. “Now, If you don’t know what a plastic auton is, I don’t think I’ll venture an explanation at this time, but I’ll just tell you it’s one of the things that are worth watching the series to find out.”

And of course River looking sassy as usual. But Dean didn’t stop at just the heroes in the show, he also went after the villains.

From the look of this, the Ood totally need a guest-starring role on one of the Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials.

That Weeping Angel’s about to take a bit of a peak! Watch out! Dean wrote, “What can I say about the Weeping Angels? To me, they’re pretty much tops among the most uniquely frightening villains on tv. I wonder how many people have had nightmares of them after watching them on Doctor Who.” And whatever you do, don’t look at the gif of this one on the Springfield Punx page.

Dean also illustrated one of the more recent villains on the show, the Silurians. “These are some of the Silurians from Series 5 of Doctor Who, and are some of the coolest looking monsters they’ve made for the show if I do say so,” wrote Dean. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but the Silurians remind me a lot of the Jem’Hadar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

And last but not least, completely apropos, the very first Doctor, William Hartnell in black and white.

You can view the entirety of Dean’s Doctor Who Simpsons illustrations here. Also check out his Simpson versions of Adrianne Palicki, Chris Hemsworth and other superhero actors in their costumes.
Enjoy the premiere this weekend everyone! It’s AMAZING.

7 Responses to “Doctor Who comes to…Springfield?”

  1. Punky says:

    Love the Simpson style Doctor Who characters.

  2. Dom says:

    Disk 4 of Season 5 in the mail right now. It should be here on the 23rd. Come quicker Netflix! Tomorrow's just a day (musical pause) a (musical pause) wayyyyy!

  3. Hate to be "that guy," yet…there you go. True, the Ood were enslaved but in their first few appearances they killed and attacked the good guys so I just bunched them in with the "bad guys." Sue me.

  4. Jimmy Rogers says:

    I hate to be "that guy" but the Ood are not villains (as hinted by your article). They were enslaved in their first appearance, but in subsequent episodes have been a guiding philosophical/prophetic light.

    Hope the real people at Fox pick up on this idea though…..they could get the actors to do the voicing I bet!

  5. I said recent, not new. The Ood and the Angels were in previous seasons of the new series.

  6. Psychotronic says:

    Absolutely love these!

  7. Well, seeing as the Silurians made their debut back in 1970 in Jon Pertwee's second story as the Doctor ("Doctor Who and the Silurians", though the title was intended simply to be "The Silurians" and was mislabled due to an error), I wouldn't really call them "recent". They have undergone a huge redesign, though looking a bit too primate for my tastes and not reptilian enough.

    That said, these are pretty freaking awesome! Feel free to share any more Doctor Who stuff you find on the web!