Doctor Who stars before Who!

The modern Doctor Who cast have had varying degrees of acting experience before hitting in big with the long-running sci-fi show. Some more interesting than others. BBC recently posted “Doctor Who Stars Before They Were Famous” and included some gems I’d never seen before.

First, here’s Arthur Darvil (aka Rory Williams) on a UK children’s show called Sooty. And well, there’s hand puppets…

You probably know by now that our current Doctor Matt Smith and former companion Billie Piper shared some very naughty screen time together in Piper’s show Secret Diary of a Call Girl but did you know they acted together another time before Smith was on Doctor Who? Here’s a clip from Masterpiece Theater’s Ruby in the Smoke.

Then there’s our lovely Karen Gillan (aka Amy Pond). They mentioned a few videos from a comedy sketch show, The Kevin Bishop Show, but didn’t actually post it because it’s pretty terrible. But here it is for you to be horrified at anyway. And if you want to feel extra uncomfortable, check out Gillan with black hair parodying Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl,” from the same show. This one isn’t quite safe for work…

And one video BBC America did not post but that I got a kick out of when I found it a few months ago was 10th Doctor David Tennant’s first acting role. From an after-school special. About how bad smoking is for you. It’s pretty amazing.

4 Responses to “Doctor Who stars before Who!”

  1. Fancy Dress says:

    Vinnie that clip is fantastic, gutted they cut it out.
    Tennant is a true legend and will always go down as the best Dr Who due to his quirky nature. I just hope he takes it on in the same fashion that an actor like John Sim has.

  2. greyman24 says:

    It's funny. that Karen Gillan bit with the fake American accents sounded heavily Canadian.

  3. Matt smith has a truly wonderful scene that was cut out of In Bruges, but is included on the DVD –

  4. Robert says:

    Yes, I remember Ruby in the Smoke when the BBC put in on at Christmas a few years back. Matt Smith was pretty good in this. Not as good as he was, though, in Party Animals, a political drama series BBC did a year or two prior to that – well worth checking out.