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5 Responses to “Don’t Miss My Most Recent Work at HitFix!”

  1. Wheelchair says:

    HA! I *knew* they were supposed to wear wizard hats! Freaking movies, making them wear more and more muggle clothes as they went on. Long coats do NOT count as robes!

    • That annoyed me SO MUCH. They had the hats in the first one and by the end they didn’t even bother with the school robes at all.

      • Wheelchair says:

        Yeah, versus in the books where the wizards were so ignorant of muggle clothes that the one old guy at the Quidditch World Cup was wearing a women’s frilly nightdress. I love the movies but I seriously hope that one day we get a Harry Potter TV show that goes through one book a season and has the time to fix everything the films got wrong.

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    There is no, “Speak, ‘Nerd,’ and Enter.”