DoubleDCoverage 2/11 – 2/18

Check out what you’ve missed the last two weeks in DC Comics with my DoubleDCoverage over at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Green Lanterns paint by numbers,Trinity finally has me excited and Nightwing, Robin and Birds of Prey all take their final bow. What is the world coming to?

2 Responses to “DoubleDCoverage 2/11 – 2/18”

  1. Mwuahahaha! We’ve got you now!

  2. GeekBoy says:

    I'll have you know I'm actually trying to ease my way into the DC Universe, one celebrity writer at a time. I'm currently reading Kevin Smith's "Batman: Cacophony" mini, and I just read the first part of Neil Gaiman & Andy Kubert's two-part "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" story in Batman #686.