Fifth Element Feels Abound in the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Teaser

If you’ve followed my work for a while you probably know Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element is my favorite film. Any guesses how I feel about the first Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets teaser?

Based on the comic book series Valérian and Laureline, written by Pierre Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (which we’ll all likely go on to simply call Valerian for expediency) is the latest film from Besson. He’s been a fan of the series since he was a small child and you can see inspiration from it in The Fifth Element for sure.

And yes, that was Rihanna you just saw in there. And those aliens!!!! Those ships!!!!

Rooted in the classic graphic novel series, Valerian and Laureline- visionary writer/director Luc Besson advances this iconic source material into a contemporary, unique and epic science fiction saga.

Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe.

Under directive from their Commander (Clive Owen), Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe. Alpha’s seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time- uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, not everyone on Alpha shares in these same objectives; in fact, unseen forces are at work, placing our race in great danger.

Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna, Ethan Hawke, John Goodman, Herbie Hancock, Kris Wu

Valerian hits theaters July 21, 2017. Safe to say I’m hyped.

[UPDATE] They put me in the teaser. :P

11 Responses to “Fifth Element Feels Abound in the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Teaser”

  1. I pray for Cara Delevingne’s in this time of crisis. Surely there is a surgeon out there skilled enough to remove the soccer balls embedded in her chest (as indicated by the grossly disproportionate space suit).

    Unless I’m reading the whole thing wrong and those are snack storage bins and she’s carrying sandwiches for both of them.

  2. 2017 in film is going to be such an expensive blast, and worth every penny!

  3. Alan Izar says:

    So far I’ve only had one reaction from this:

    Rihanna for Zatana in the DC Movie Universe (I think she’d be too expensive for the TV universe)

  4. DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta says:

    According to what i’ve seen that trailer teaser, they’ve based the movie on L’ambassadeur des ombres (Ambassador of shadows). A huge part of the visuals seem to be taken DIRECTLY from it (the setting also, they just changed the name from point central to Alpha). On the other hand, in the original, Laureline does all the work, while Valerian is pretty much damzelled with the ambassador he’s trying to protect until the very end, so I guess they’ve balanced that a bit (I certainly hope to hell that they haven’t INVERTED it… because EFF NO). Also, why make Valerian a douche ? He’s always had a very sweet and equalitarian relationship with Laureline in the series. blech.
    Ambassadeur is by far my favourite Valerian and Laureline BD. So Besson’d better not botch this one.