Foxy Lady

Megan Fox is confirmed as playing Aspen in the film adaptation of Michael Turner’s comic Fathom. Does this mean we can officially take her out of the running for Wonder Woman? No, really. Can we?

According to Variety, Fox will also be producing the film for Fox Atomic and Prince of Persia’s Jordan Mechner will be writing the script. Turner, who passed away last year, will still be listed as executive producer.

“Fox would play Aspen Matthews, who was found abandoned on a ship and is adopted by a military man. She becomes a champion swimmer and marine biologist who comes of age realizing she has water-based powers and is part of an underwater race,” said Variety. The comic was first introduced in 1998 through Top Cow but later found it’s home at Turner’s own Aspen Comics.

I’ve actually never seen Megan Fox act but she certainly has the look of the character and that’s half the battle at least. Anyone read this comic? What do you think of the casting? What other female comic characters are you dying to see on the big screen?
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12 Responses to “Foxy Lady”

  1. Randy says:

    Amber, it’s funny that you mention people’s reaction when you say you like Turner’s artwork. I remember a couple years ago when Brad Meltzer posted in his MySpace blog pictures of Turner’s JLA covers for the crossover during the Lightning Saga.

    I mentioned that I liked the covers and happen to like his artwork. Next thing I know, this guy (Paperghost was his screen name; I’ll never forget that) begins sending me blog after blog of people writing who hated his artwork. He wanted me to defend my liking of his art. I said, “My only defense is that this is my opinion. I like what I like.”

    He just kept sending me blog after blog after blog. Finally, I was just like enough was enough and stopped logging on there. It was funny and sad at the same time.

    I didn’t feel that I should defend something like that. I like Turner’s art while others don’t.

  2. Amber Love says:

    I admit that I’ve only picked up Turner’s books for the art and have never read any of them. I think she has the looks and I didn’t hate her in Transformers like everyone else; she did was she was supposed to do and you can blame the director for such base pandering. She’s beautiful, yes, but I don’t see what the big deal is over her.

    When I’ve stated that I love Turner’s art people argue that real women don’t look like that. I have seen women who look like his characters! I wish I had a picture of the one who looked exactly like his Supergirl – she had the exact body, facial structure, hair – everything.

    I’ve personally given up on a good WW movie. I’d rather them not make one than make one that’s mediocre or sucktastic.

    I’d love to see Fray brought to screen since the BtVS cast is beyond rezzing that franchise. Fray is fresh and would work even as a DVD release; animated would even be nice.

  3. Randy says:

    El Dude, you are thinking of Cobie Smulders. And, yes, she would be a great Wonder Woman.

  4. D0nnaTr0y says:

    I’m with Randy- I’d love to see a “1940s/noir Black Canary” movie! I also don’t care for Megan Fox and also hope she is out of the running for WW, wish I personally would love to see directed by Quentin Tarintino!

  5. GeekBoy says:

    I’m not actually a big fan of Megan Fox, and don’t even consider her all that hot … but she does seem custom-made for Fathom as Michael Turner drew her. Certainly a hell of a lot better casting than she’d be for Wonder Woman.

  6. El Dude says:

    The Fathom series was ok. I think they were hit or miss on deadlines and now it’s gotten a little disappointing with his passing. The story is getting way to complex for a comic. I think Wonder Woman would be best played by the brunette from “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS, whose name escapes me. I would not be surprised if the story for Fathom isn’t hacked up and made into something that doesn’t get much fan base after the 1st or 2nd one. Seems with the economy that studios are trying to make things as cheap as possible for them so the actors and directors can make a fortune.

  7. WOW, cannot believe that. She kind of annoys me to be honest and I believe we have all seen her attempt to act in transformers. I’m glad she’s out of the running for wonder woman.

    On another note, that is pretty cool if she genuinely likes the character, that’s always a neat thing when the actor really loves who they’re playing. Not to say it always turns out great though (ahem, ghost rider, ahem-i think i was the only one that did like nicholas lol!)

  8. Randy says:

    I think a 1940’s/noir Black Canary movie could be really good in the right hands. I also think the kids would really dig Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore of the JSA) again if in the right hands.

    Actually, just about any character could translate into a good movie with a really good script and direction, but those two were the first to pop into my head this early in the AM.

  9. K. D. Bryan says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve heard she’s actually a huge fan of the character. Mind you, I know almost nothing about said character but it’s nice to know she’s got a genuine passion for playing her (and if there is a kind and loving God, she is now no longer in the running for Wonder Woman). The physical resemblance certainly seems on the mark as well. I’ve seen the Transformers movie but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen her act either. *Ba-Dump-TISH* Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

    As far as what superheroine I’d like to see on the big screen goes, I’d kill for a well-written, funny She-Hulk movie. A good She-Hulk movie could be a fun superhero movie but it also could make for an interesting story about body image, female empowerment and self-esteem. I’d have liked to have seen what Joss Whedon had in mind for Wonder Woman but now I’m not sure a great live action WW fill will ever get made. And if they include Huntress, Catwoman or Oracle in the next Nolan Batman film, that’d make my day as well.

  10. Never read Fathom, not my kinda thing. As for female comic characters I’d like to see on the big screen, definitely Black Widow, and it sounds like I’ll get my wish because she’ll have a part in Iron Man II… She-Hulk could be loads of fun! Huntress could make a great movie too!

  11. Little Kid says:

    Fathom…? Seriously. WTF? At least the costume budget won’t be very high. Turner never drew her with any clothes on.