Frightening Friday

Having the distinction of being my favorite holiday, talk of Halloween can never come early enough for me. I was at a bit of a loss as to what to blog about today. Then I happened upon two truely frightening things and thought, “Hey, why not scare the crap out of everyone else!” Maybe I’m just a wuss, that’s for you to decide.

Firstly, I’m not going anywhere near Hollywood or Orlando come this October. Universal Studios has made a deal with Lionsgate to incorporate their Saw franchise into the parks annual “Halloween Horror Nights” event. Last year a Saw haunted house backed by Lionsgate saw 20,000 visitors alone. “The theme park should guarantee not only a bigger budget to build the planned horror maze that will promote the sixth film, but also a considerably larger audience, considering the ‘Saw’ attractions will appear at U’s parks in Hollywood and Orlando,” reports Variety,”Universal plans to incorporate the ‘Saw’ franchise’s characters and grisly traps in a maze and in the parks’ dedicated “scare zones,” as well as on the ‘Terror Tram,’ a revamped version of its studio tram tour.”

I’m actually not a huge fan of the Saw films, I only saw the second one a few weeks ago, but I think they’re good. Combining their twisted games with something I’ve never been fond of to begin with though means this is not for me. There was a whole mix-up when I was younger. I thought the haunted house was the fun house and made my father take me in (I don’t know what he was thinking) which resulted in the first “ghost” telling a then 8-year-old Jill that he’d find me wherever I was and us going out the way we came in. It was a whole big thing. Granted “Terror Tram” does sound very lame.

Now the other, far more frightening thing I came across was this trailer for the new Richard Kelly film, The Box, starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella. Take a gander and tell me 1:17 doesn’t make you want to pee your pants.
The film is based on Richard Matheson’s short story “Button, Button” which I’ve never read so don’t spoil anything for me if you have. Apparently Arcade Fire and Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett have collaborated on the score, which should be really interesting. The Box opens October 30, 2009. Hey, I know someone who wants to push the button!

7 Responses to “Frightening Friday”

  1. I've yet to see any of the New Twilight Zone episodes, are they any good? I'm a big fan of the originals, I'm sure I'd be disappointed.

    Thanks for stopping by Jon! It was great meeting you too.

  2. Jon Roscetti says:

    Hey Jill, I just wanted to pop in and say it was a pleasure meeting you, s well as drawing you at Mocca. I'm enjoying the blog, very fun Keep it up. Hope to see you again at the another show.

  3. Kristina says:

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  4. rob! says:

    I really liked the Zone version of "Button, Button", I wonder why Matheson had such a problem with it–it was a wonderfully tense little story, with a great ending.

    And Frank Langella looks like he's dressed for a Being There remake.

  5. greyman24 says:

    Actually, watching the trailer again, and reading up on it, I'm going to come to two conclusions that may or may not be true:

    1. Since "the box", itself looks just like the one in the New Twilight Zone episode, and since we see the husband's car get hit by a train in the trailer (similar to a plot point in the episode that was not in the book), it seems safe to assume that the story was influenced (if not based on) the Twilight Zone ep…a version of the story Richard Matheson so disliked that he was credited under a pseudonym.

    2. Scenes within the trailer are SO disconnected with any scenes from the short story, they must have been created.

    3. Scenes within the trailer are so complex and visually arresting (read, "expensive), it's doubtful they were based on the New Twilight Zone episode.

    4. The plot of the short story (while very interesting and well written) is so visually undramatic as to make an incredibly boring movie.

    5. The short story is so short as to be unable to fill 90+ minutes: meaning a lot was probably added.

    Given these 5 points…I don't think I'll be watching the movie.

  6. greyman24 says:

    The first Saw was relatively good. Not great, IMHO. The second? Not so much.

    I think I read "Button, Button" in a horror anthology some time ago. Looking it up, I guess it was a Twilight Zone ep, too.

    Don't see how they can make that story action packed like the trailer without pulling a Lawnmower Man.

  7. Rafiq Raja says:

    I love the Saw Franchise for its twisted storyline and riddles mixed plot…

    Even though I need to admit, it's getting more and more gore and cruel with each new part… :( Might have to stop watching it sometime, when it reaches the peak. :(