Gillian Anderson Joins Tumblr with the Best Username, Answers Fan Questions


Gillian Anderson has joined Tumblr, folks. Today she even did a Q&A with fans!

Her username: Chewie’s Girlfriend. I hope Maz Kanata isn’t the jealous type.

Anderson, who recently came off the X-Files miniseries and is currently playing Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire on stage, answered just a few questions for fans this afternoon on her new blogging outlet. Here’s some of my favorites:

Q: If Chewbacca were to take you on a date, where would you think he’ll take you?
Anderson: Our last date was to the Lego store at Rockefeller Plaza. He knows my priorities.

Q: Scully, Stella and Blanche go out together. Who’s winning the drinking game? And what kind of drunks are they?
Anderson: Blanche!! In one word, she’s a hilarious drunk. Scully’s a conservative drunk. And Stella’s a dangerous drunk.

Q: If you had the power to change, create or amend one law internationally, what would it be?
Anderson: That’s a good question. The fucking Equal Rights Amendment!

Q: BB-8 or R2-D2?
Anderson: R2-D2 forever!

Q: How do you feel about the Jane Bond news and how big it got all over the Internet? How do you think it can add on to your list of powerful female characters you’ve played?
Anderson: Well, it’s not news, it’s a fantasy. Someone made a fabulous poster and it started an intriguing conversation. Will it ever happen in the real world? More than probably not.

In case you missed the recent Bond hub-bub:

And my favorite, FAVORITE answer Anderson gave:

Q: What’s your favorite line that you said during any of the seasons of X Files?
Anderson: Sure. Fine. Whatever.


You can find all the answers Anderson gave here.

5 Responses to “Gillian Anderson Joins Tumblr with the Best Username, Answers Fan Questions”

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  2. VindicaSean says:

    GA as Bond finally gives me something that allows me to understand the “my body is ready” meme. Because I didn’t know I wanted that before, and NOW I NEED IT MORE THAN AIR.

    • Bri | eatmeetswest says:

      YES. And I want Idris to be the love interest. I can’t deal, and it hasn’t even happened yet. How do we find someone to fan-trailer this?

      • VindicaSean says:

        Oh god– I just realized that this article informed me she’s on Tumblr.

        I have…so. many. posts to delete. She was my earliest nerd-crush. There should be a digital “crawl in a hole” service.

  3. Adrian says:

    My favorite Dana Scully moment, I think. What a boss.