Grand Theft America

Holy crap. “Grant Theft Auto IV” made half a billion dollars in it’s first week. Yes, I said half a BILLION!

And you thought the $300 million “Halo 3” made in it’s first week was impressive. Take-Two Interactive dropped the bomb this morning, GTA 4 sold over 6 million units globally, making it the most lucrative launch in interactive entertainment history. Almost half the total was sold on it’s release date. Granted, GTA 4 was released for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, while Halo 3 was only on XBOX 360, but still. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that they sold a $90 special edition either. Though why my boyfriend, or anyone else for that matter, needs a fake safety deposit box I’ll never know (and don’t wanna know).
“Rockstar’s goal is to make each new title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise even better than those that preceded it, and Grand Theft Auto IV is a smashing success on that score,” said Ben Feder CEO of Take-Two. Smashing success? Is that the best he can come up with? They’re probably gargling with liquid gold right now. 
There had been talk that the release of GTA 4 would hurt Iron Man’s box office numbers. Obviously that wasn’t the case. Personally I think that’s a ridiculous argument. I think people who play video games are coherent enough (contrary to popular belief) to realize taking two hours out of their day to see a good movie is OK. The game will still be there when they get back. Video game sales only hurt the box office when there are crappy movies out.
$500 million dollars. It’s hard to even comprehend that amount. Last years Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association only made around $63 million. And that’s from fundraising done all throughout the year! I’d like to challenge each and every one who bought GTA 4 to give $60 to MDA this year as well (I may be a touch biased having MD myself). Once they’ve got $500 million, next year you can all give to another charity.
I guess it’s true what they say, crime does pay.

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