The Great Comic Book Adventure!

You’ve been to comic book conventions, you’ve been to Six Flags, now you can do both at once! It’s the Great Comic Book Adventure at Six Flags in New Jersey!

The first I heard of it was when a friend sent me the link to the Facebook invitation. Six Flags Great Adventure (known simply as Great Adventure to us NJers) is holding its first ever comic book convention in the park on Sunday, May 29.

Check out dozens of vendors with everything from bargain comics to investment grade first issues. Meet Golden Age GREEN LANTERN artist Irwin Hasen plus fan favorites Lee Weeks, Fred Hembeck, Daxiong and more! Participate in workshops, panel discussions, a charity auction and a costume contest.

Great Adventure is a place we’ve all put in our time here in NJ whether it be school field trips or just groups of friends going to get season passes. What I’ve always loved about the park were it’s DC-themed rollercoasters (even if I walked away more than once with whiplash). This year of course is the big opening of the new Green Lantern coaster which is said to be pretty wild.
Show hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and there’s a link for discount tickets here (just wait for the Comic Book Ticket window to pop up).

2 Responses to “The Great Comic Book Adventure!”

  1. I'll lay odds they won't allow fans to walk around the park in costume. If anything happens with a person in a costume, people are going to assume it's a park employee, and complain. It's the reason Disneyland wouldn't let costumers in the park for Worldcon in '84.

    Seems like a great idea, but I've gotten so tired of the lines at Great Adventure that not even an event like this could convince me to go. But they do have an awesome set of DC-based rides there. Batman AND Dark Knight, Bizarro, and the upcoming GL coaster. Looks like Chiller came down in the last few years, tho, likely replaced by one of the new ones.

    Also, don't forget, it's the part where Dan Didio saw the Peter David version of Supergirl's origin on a sign for the Superman ride, sparking the (paraphrased) reaction, "What's this crap?"

  2. Katharine says:

    I want to go to the there!