Green for Green Lantern?

Brian Austin Green really wants to know – would it be alright if he played Green Lantern Hal Jordan?

Comic Book Resources says Green is “actively campaigning” for the role and wants to “gage fans’ excitement and earn their approval.” Well, it’s nice he asked. 

The actor, recently seen in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as Derek Reese, is currently producing the adaptation of Fathom with girlfriend Megan Fox. “I understand that I’m kind of a tough sell. I wouldn’t be what somebody would normally be looking for in a film like that, ” he told CBR, “But at the same time, sometimes those risks are the things that seem to work and pay off the most.”

Green understands they probably want someone younger to play Hal but hopes he’ll be considered anyway. “I’ve always kind of felt that Hal Jordan needs to be a man. He needs to be somebody who lives a little and experienced a lot,” he said. Even though he doesn’t have much comic reading history, Green already seems to have a handle on the superhero mentality. “Would you go beat the shit out of somebody that you always wanted to beat up? Would you go destroy something you always wanted to destroy or would you go save people?” he said, “Still having the normal human feelings but having the power to do what ever you want. That’s a tough line to ride and for me that’s a fun character.”

This is the first time Green has pushed for a role in this manner and told CBR he got the idea when a friend directed him to a fan-made picture of him as Hal online. “He sent me the link, I went on and some kid had just put my face on a classic Green Lantern shot, the one of him standing, making the fist with the ring on the finger,” he said. At which point, I had to laugh because that’s EVERY classic GL shot.
I’ll say this, I never would have thought of him on my own but now that he’s put himself out there, I could totally get behind him as Highball. I’ve never really liked him in anything previously but he was a breath of fresh air as Derek on SCC this season. CBR asked him if he’d read any of Geoff Johns’ GL stories from the last few years. “No but I’m going to go get it tomorrow,” he said. That’s more than you can say for a lot of actors these days. What do you think?

14 Responses to “Green for Green Lantern?”

  1. Geekboy, hahaha! Thank goodness for no Teen Lanterns!

    I agree with Jason that, as great as Nathan Fillion is, I think he’s too silly for the role.

    It’s always been hard for me to think of someone to cast as Guy purely because of the bowl haircut.

  2. I think B. Green can pull off the part as Green Lantern, if he channels a la The Comedian. (Although I have to admit not very familiar with GL stuff.)

    A younger actor might not do the character service, and as much as I love Fillion as Captain Hammer, after seeing him in Castle my faith has waned for the part.

    Here’s hoping any GL movie script writing doesn’t jump the shark like Terminator.

  3. nilskidoo says:

    Jake Busey (Gary’s son) as Gardner, and maybe Gary Dourdan (CSI) as Stewart?

  4. Nathan Fillion would definitely pull off being Hal, have you watched his new show Castle? So he would be my choice.

    Green is more suited for Kyle I think. He just has more of that young idealists vibe going that would fit the youngest of the fab four.

    So what about Guy and John? who would be best as them?

  5. jason says:

    When I first heard the name, I didn’t like it. After reading your write-up, though, I’m in. He certainly looks the part.

    I don’t know about Nathan Fillion. He seems a little too silly to me.

  6. I remember when he was just Brain Green on “Knots Landing”. I just can’t see little Brian as Hal!
    (altho I don’t watch Sarah).

  7. Green has really surprised me on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I certainly wouldn’t be against him being cast as Hal Jordan.

  8. Rich says:

    Much to my surprise, I wouldn’t hate this casting – his TSCC role has made me reappraise him, and I think he’s about the right age.

    That said, that David Silver dance in the 90210 credits is going to haunt him forever.

  9. GeekBoy says:

    I could definitely get behind that casting. And I agree with BAG’s reasoning about the value of having an older person in the role. Notice that Green Lantern has never had a sidekick (has he?), and I have to figure this is why. Odds are, a “Teen Lantern” with that kind of power would most like abuse it. I’m picturing bad guys getting hit over the head with giant green dildos or crushed between a pair of monstrous green boobs.

  10. D0nnaTr0y says:

    As long as Brian Austin Green doesn’t bust out the keyboard 90210 style, I could get behind it.

    Although now that Nathan Fillion has been mentioned, I’d probably vote for him instead only because I LOVE Nathan Fillion and think his sarcasm a la Mal would work great as Hal.

  11. nilskidoo says:

    If someone is comprising a list, I would play G’nort for free.
    Even do my own stunts.

    and I like Harris as Abin Sur as well.

  12. Amber Love says:

    I wouldn’t have picked his name out of the air either but he impressed me on Sarah Connor Chronicles. It’s more of the viewer’s chore seeing passed his teen hearthrob years.

    As nilskidoo said, Nathan Fillion – who imo, could do anything.

    Could we get NPH for Abin Sur or would that ultimately fall to the Hollywood creature fave, Doug Jones?

    I really should make list….

  13. Randy says:

    I have no problem with Brian Austin Green as GL. I honestly would not have thought about him before reading this, but after seeing how eager he is to devour some great GL work, just in the hope that he gets the part, I think that is a good thing.

    If nothing else, he will have a great reading experience.

  14. nilskidoo says:

    I see Nathan Fillion.