A Green Lantern Falls (Spoilers)

I have a pretty strict hate policy when it comes to bugs. I hate them and they seem to pretty much love me as can usually be seen daily in my room. I’ve given reprieves to ladybugs and lightning bugs in the past since neither of them ever gave me any trouble but pretty much anything else that comes in my path goes squish. There has been one bug that holds a special place in my heart though. The Green Lantern Bzzd. This week, my heart was broken.

In Green Lantern Corps #26 Peter Tomasi showed us Mother Mercy finally standing up to Mongul II and freeing the GL’s from her clutches. Also, Guy Gardner used deadly force on a Sinestro Corps member for the first time, which is sure to have lasting effects. A gritty, tooth-and-nail battle followed that seemed as if it was going to go on forever because of Mongul’s numerous Power Rings. That is, until Lantern Bzzd saved the day in a big way.

He actually went inside Mongul and came out his eye. It was amazing. I actually cheered and comics rarely make me speak out-loud. The distraction gave the Lanterns what they needed and they blasted Mongul back to the planets surface where Mother Mercy’s children are currently feasting on his body. 

Unfortunately this true act of courage was too much for Bzzd and after a gut-wrenching farewell to the other Lanterns he passed away. His last words were, “It was an honor to serve with you.” Well I just about lost it after that. I actually shed a few tears. In fact, I’m having a tough time writing this without getting choked up. Bzzd’s Power Ring went to Mother Mercy, who also received a Sinestro ring. She was able to make a choice as to which ring she wanted. It was an easy one, she’s our newest Green Lantern.

Bzzd was my second favorite GL next to his sector partner Mogo. I almost cried a while back when it looked like Mogo might be destroyed too. Bzzd was never the most well-known GL but to me, it always seemed like he had the most heart, he was always trying to prove himself along the way. While captured by Mother Mercy she let us know his greatest fear, “An insignificant speck, forever fated to observe the universe without playing a meaningful role.” Hopefully Bzzd can rest in piece now knowing he did.

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6 Responses to “A Green Lantern Falls (Spoilers)”

  1. Yeah, I think Mother Mercy is an interesting choice.

  2. Stephen says:

    i liked bzzd at all he was acool guy but i like thatthey filled his spot with the black mercy

  3. Earth-2 Randy says:

    Well, Jill, that wasn’t actually aimed at YOU. It’s for anyone else reading my comment.

    Seriously…you’re ‘worthy!’

  4. C’mon Randy. I just wrote a 5 paragraph diatribe about how sad I am Bzzd died and you don’t think I know who Ch’p is? Tisk. :)

  5. Earth-2 Randy says:

    I’m sad to hear that. I don’t read GLC, as the artwork gives me headaches. I hate the way he draws mouths. That being said, I am familiar with Bzzd from the Sinestro Corps crossover and I actually kinda dug him. Then again, I also liked Ch’p back in the day.

    Google him or look him up on Wikipedia if you don’t know him.