Henry Cavill Burned by a Bunch of Kids Who Know Batman Is Superior to Superman

Poor Henry Cavill. Putting all his self-worth in the hands of children.

Ok this is just some really great marketing and it’s for a good cause! You may recall Omaze teaming with Lucasfilm for some great Star Wars charity events which also gave fans the chance to win some cool prizes. Now Batman v Superman is in the game:

Who will win? You and a friend will be among the first to find out when you meet the cast at the red carpet premiere screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! You’ll fly with Henry Cavill in a helicopter, snap a photo with Ben Affleck, and wreak havoc on the red carpet by teaming up with Jesse Eisenberg for celebrity photobombs. Oh, one last thing… you’re also going for a spin in the Batmobile. Isn’t it nice when they all just get along? Flights and hotel included.

Your donations will support three superhero nonprofits that are fighting for a better world: Eastern Congo Initiative, SEED Project, and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

You can enter/donate right here and different levels will get you different perks.

(via Newsarama)

2 Responses to “Henry Cavill Burned by a Bunch of Kids Who Know Batman Is Superior to Superman”

  1. I would’ve headlined that differently. More like, Henry Cavill Educates Misinformed Youth Who For Some Reason Think Batman is Superior to Superman.