Here the true nature of men is laid bare.

So if the Golden Lasso compels you to tell the truth, what do you think the Golden Whip makes you to do?

Toronto photographer Ian Pool is to blame for these hilarious portrayals of our most beloved icons. Alternative lifestyle choices for some, everyday *ahem*business for others, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these gorgeous shots. He’s a self-described, “freelance portrait and creative environmental photographer working in editorial and advertising media. His work is based on conceptual and often entertaining ideas captured with stylistic simplicity.”

What? Can’t a crime-fighter get a cup of coffee? He does work the third shift and all.
Oh Doc, not the Jonas Brothers! I’ll give you a pass for R-Patz though. Who do you think he’s gabbing to?
Hey, everyone poops. Think he has one of those flaps on the back of his suit? I don’t know if you can see it but the picture outside reads, “May the Dark Side of the Force be with you.”
View these plus several more, including Spider-Man taking a literal piss, at Pool’s official site. While you’re there, check out his equally impressive non-fictional character work as well. I’d really love to work with this guy, he’s got a great imagination.

8 Responses to “Here the true nature of men is laid bare.”

  1. WITA says:

    Heheheh those are great.

  2. Heretic says:

    wow, I love it!

  3. Ngewo says:

    I knew I should have put the mask on when I went to see my “therapist”…the Golden Whip is very therapeutic.

  4. I love the Batman one! He looks so approachable there, like one could share a piece of pie with him!

  5. Amber Love says:

    That Doc Ock is priceless.

  6. I think I know which one’s you’re talking about Mandy. And yeah, the Doc is totally a Twihard.

    Kafein, I’ve actually seen Pinzón’s work on display before, it’s great stuff.

  7. KAFEIN says:

    There’s a similar, but way better (IMHO)project called “The Real Story of the superheroes,” by a photographer named Dulce Pinzón.

  8. Haha, how great. I ran across a series of similar pictures with Star Wars characters a while back, and now of course I can’t seem to find it. Typical.


    P.S.-Taking a closer look at Doc Oc’s posters made me giggle … Cam Gigandet and Taylor Lautner are up there with the Jo Bros and Rob. Someone’s a Twilight fan. ;)