Heroes Season 4 Teaser

What do we think?

Is Hayden Panettiere still wearing a wig? Is Mama Patrelli still speaking cryptically? Is Ando getting some ACTION?? I gotta say, I’m not a fan of teasers in general but this doesn’t do anything to excite me whatsoever. Then again, neither has the show itself in a good long while.
EDIT: This just in, Ernie Hudson has just been added to the cast for Season 4! Yes, Winston. He’ll be playing a “Baltimore Detective.”

6 Responses to “Heroes Season 4 Teaser”

  1. Oh Heroes. How I wish I could love you again…

    Its the hope that it gets better … that makes me come back.

    I can hope, can't I ?

  3. Haha, isn't it funny Zac how we keep saying it's bad…yet keep watching. I can't help myself!

  4. I'll suppose I'll give it ANOTHER try, due to the addition of Robert Knepper and Ray Park. But, they better deliver or I'm out. Yet Again.

  5. sean.friend says:

    I kinda like heroes.. I'll have to check out the teaser, but I'm still looking forward to the office more.

  6. Andy says:

    I am SOOO done with "Heroes" and I have been since midway through season two.