Should ‘Heroes’ Continue As A Comic Book?

After NBC officially announced that Heroes had been canceled, fans immediately began putting together “Bring Back Heroes” petitions, and even trending the topic on Twitter for a few hours. According to many reports, not even a television movie was...Read More »

May 18th, 2010

7 Reasons We Never Stopped Watching Heroes

I must write in my sleep now. There’s no other way I can account for writing as much as I do. Unless…I’m a robot. Ha! See what I did there? My first article for the awesomely awesome site Topless...Read More »

February 9th, 2010

Heroes Season 4 Teaser

What do we think? Is Hayden Panettiere still wearing a wig? Is Mama Patrelli still speaking cryptically? Is Ando getting some ACTION?? I gotta say, I’m not a fan of teasers in general but this doesn’t do anything to...Read More »

August 11th, 2009

New Heroes Cast Members

The next season of NBC’s Heroes is still a ways off but two new actors have been cast in recurring roles. One is a college student, the other, a villain – guess which is which. Ok, so that wasn’t...Read More »

June 4th, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy

Man, that “Live Long and Prosper” thing really works. Leonard Nimoy turned 78 yesterday. I’ve been waiting a long time to post this. It’s a genuine autograph picture of our favorite Vulcan that’s been in the family for years....Read More »

March 27th, 2009

Have you ever wanted superpowers?

We’ve all seen the foreign language and short film categories at the Academy Awards. Usually it’s a snooze-fest. When are they going to start recognizing genius creations like this one? Don’t let the subtitles put you off, this is...Read More »

March 20th, 2009

Fox Friday Verdict

Fox practically bashed us over the head with their new Friday line-up – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. They even went so far as to create Grindhouse-style trailers and have stars Summer Glau and Eliza...Read More »

February 16th, 2009

Save the cheerleader, save the island.

We’ve got another wonderful new episode of Lost to look forward to tonight. Considering it looks like next weeks Heroes is going to turn into Lost anyway I found this highly appropriate. For your viewing pleasure, LOST Parody, Season 2,...Read More »

February 4th, 2009