Hey, Bub! Here’s Your Logan Spoiler Thread

I’m actually just about to head to the theater to see Logan but I figured some of you might need a place to discuss. Dive in if you’ve seen the film already and want a safe spot to chat with fellow fans!


And I’ve heard there’s a Deadpool 2 teaser before the film but that this is an extended version? Anyway, Easter Eggs galore!


22 Responses to “Hey, Bub! Here’s Your Logan Spoiler Thread”

  1. VindicaSean says:

    It. Was. AWESOME.

    They didn’t quite stick the landing with what Prof X did before the movie (hinted at it in a clipped off radio broadcast, Xavier talking about “what he did”), but I picked up on it enough with context. My wife felt like she missed a whole movie somewhere because of the lack of detail.

    I loved it overall, though. It needed the ending it had.

  2. George Trello says:

    I was absolutely blown away by this movie, it was everything I hoped it would be; stellar acting all around, a good story. When people throw around the word “grounded” in talking about super hero movies I think this is what they mean (though this is the first time that bar has actually been cleared). Now I want a movie just about the all (at least) half-hispanic refugee X-kids, particularly in the current political climate.

    Also, I don’t remember the last time I was this impressed with a child actor, I hope we can look forward to a long and vibrant career from Dafne Keen.

    • George Trello says:

      Side note: wtf was the ‘Old Man and the Sea’ thing at the end of the Deadpool teaser about? Was that supposed to be about Logan?

  3. Tweeted this but I’ll plop it here too for discussion purposes:

    I loved that Logan actually dealt with things that come along with having a disability. Caregivers treatment, accessibility, bathrooms! Even just the simple act of Logan carrying Xavier was a huge deal to me. I remember being annoyed at past X-Men films for glossing over it.

  4. So. Here’s some of my random thoughts on the movie.

    1. Was I the only one horribly distracted by Logan’s fake beard?
    2. Checkov’s Adamantium Bullet.
    3. Lizard Boy could have totally been Anole, but they just listed him as Lizard Boy and that made me sad.
    4. Hugh Jackman needs to carry me like he does Xavier.

  5. Oh here’s a thing I’m curious about…did people at your screening LAUGH when Wolverine impaled them in the head with his claws? Because a good number of people at mine did and I found it disturbing.

    • Oh my god, I made a noise when that happened. I don’t know what it was now, but there was something audible that I can’t properly explain. As much work as they did to make a compelling FILM rather than a silly by-the-numbers superhero movie, it’s still an undeniable power fantasy.

    • Not mine. Maybe a few claps the first time because we, finally, got to see Wolverine do Wolverine things? But that’s about it. And. Yes. Very, very disturbing.

    • George Trello says:

      I don’t know if the folks in my theater laughed so much as guffawed in surprise? Like a “Wow, did that just happen?” kind of thing. At least the first time with the guys trying to steal his wheels, it was pretty quiet during Xavier’s episode when he did it again. There was a lot of laughter when Laura rolled the severed head of the mohawk guy though.

  6. WheelchairNinja says:

    Personally I’m always going to prefer a more cheerful movie with a happy ending, but Logan was still really good. Everyone gave great performances and X-23 was great.

    Ⓧ The reveal that (as I interpreted it) it was Professor X who accidentally killed all the X-Men with his first seizure, before they had the injections to make them stop, was chilling but made perfect sense.

    Ⓧ I legit did not see X-24 coming, so seeing Jackman without his old guy makeup was truly surprising.

    Ⓧ At this point I don’t give a dang about the timeline–just make a good movie that holds up under its own logic. Plus we’ve had stand-alone comics set in a dark potential future for ages, so why not movies?

    Ⓧ One thing that confusesed me though was the soldiers with prosthetic arms. At one point I thought “Oh wow, they’ve all got prosthetic limbs because they’ve been guarding Laura for years and she’s attacked them over and over!” but then I realized that with every one it was specifically the right arm. I know the Draco Malfoy-looking guy said he’d been “upgraded,” but from what I could see there was no real advantage to the robot hand over a natural one.

    • The Reavers’ prosthetic arms – YES! When they stated who they were, I expected to see all kinds of crazy robotics…but they all went for the same one and I could never see a clear advantage to it.

      Is X-24 Hugh Jackman as he currently looks? That’s kinda a relief.

      The Professor X reveal – devastating and fitting.

      I agree with you, in terms of…the movie felt appropriate and solid, but I like happier stuff. I don’t really see what’s gained from this by having him explicitly die. I’m also a bit disappointed that Laura is so far removed from the rest of the X-verse, but I’m not too worried. I assume a) that this is the new Darkest Timeline and not the timeline the younger X-kids are currently traversing b) this being X-Men, they will doubtless find a reason and way to bring her and possibly even him back into the fold whenever they want to.

    • Many of the comics Reavers became cyborgs after being maimed by Wolverine, but the theme of violence reaping violence is yet another compelling relationship omitted from the X-films. It’s quantity over quality, as none of these red shirts could’ve crucified Wolverine in the Outback. Why not have a handful of recognizable Reavers that are legitimutant threats to our heroes?

      P.S. I like your X-bullets.