Hey, I Wrote a Lot of Stuff This Week. Check It Out!


Hey, remember when I said I’d be writing more? Here’s a ton of stuff from me on HitFix Harpy and Blastr you might have missed.

At HitFix we’ve got:

And my latest recap at Blastr (shares and comments on this appreciated!):

For those who missed the news, you may notice there’s a few more links than usual at HitFix Harpy and you’ll be seeing that going forward for a bit. I’ve taken on some more work for financial reasons. Unfortunately the Patreon as it stands isn’t supporting me quite as well as I’d hoped. It doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting The Nerdy Bird, it just means I’ll be working a lot more. My wrists are already aching.

If you enjoy my content here and the curation of nerdy things I provide via my social media accounts, please considering becoming a Patron for $2 or more a month, ($2 a month is just $24 a year for all my content) it makes a huge difference to me! I’ve also recently set up a PayPal page for those who may not be able to swing a monthly donation but can chip in here and there. As always, shares on social media of any of my work is greatly appreciated!!

Doing anything special for the holiday weekend? Guess what? I’m working! Hahahahahaha…

4 Responses to “Hey, I Wrote a Lot of Stuff This Week. Check It Out!”

  1. I miss the time before screenshots, when people were referred to by their screennames. “why are you like this” asked doucheburger (a.k.a. @trashieprincess).

  2. That Which Dreams says:


  3. I’m sorry to hear you have to work this weekend, but at least you’re getting commissions.

    How often will you be posting Speak, Nerd, & Enters?