Hey, That’s My Cape! – 8 Things GREEN LANTERN Must Have

So, I know I wrote about Green Lantern last week for Hey, That’s My Cape! but, well…blame Warner Bros. for the strategic marketing of releasing the animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and the live action Green Lantern a week apart. Other than that, you can just blame me for being a HUGE Green Lantern fan.

For me, Green Lantern is without a doubt my most anticipated comic book film of the year. Am I still frightened to death it won’t be everything I want it to be and more? Oh, yes. Which is why I’ve created this list to highlight my fan-sanity (like insanity but worse). Things like suspense, thrilling action, an interesting plot and great acting are not on this list because that’s what we want from all action films (except you Transformers fans, you settle for two out of four). So now, without further ado, 8 Things Green Lantern Must Have For Me To Love It. The real title? 8 Things Green Lantern Must Have For Me To Star Sapphire It. Shh! We want the n00bs to read this too!

2 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – 8 Things GREEN LANTERN Must Have”

  1. AlighieriOYH says:

    I just watched it & I'm heartbroken. Green Lantern deserved a better movie than it got. The pacing was all wrong & there were so many half baked ideas that it's as if some ADD comic book fan couldn't decide what he wanted to see.

    Attempting to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

    The villains were not very compelling & seem comical & (in the case of Hector Hammond) redundant. Sinestro's relationship with Jordan was barely hinted on, losing what possible emotional payoff when Sinestro turns yellow in future(?) films & the scene with the most potential (Kilowog's bootcamp) was skipped over too quickly.

    Only one scene does GL any justice was when he was showing off his ring to a (badly represented) Pieface. It was quintessential Hal. But the rest of the movie had me holding my head in my hands, green lantern ring, mask & all.

    About your list. Mogo & Bzzd's cameos were there but it was blink & you miss it. You get a shirtless Reynolds (have fun, ladies). But the constructs were extremely lame & lacked the cockiness & pizzaz that we've come to expect from Hal. If anything, they look like Guy Gardner's constructs, all guns & military machinery. Also the hyped after-credits add on? Made completely redundant by events within the movie & came WAY too early in the "franchise".

    I love Green Lantern & I'll still wear my ring with pride. But this movie makes me very angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

  2. Demonhanzo says:

    Agree with all except number three. Great list.