Hey, That’s My Cape! – Comic Book & Geek Merchandising

No geek is immune. The allure of, for lack of a better word, stuff. We see it, we must have it. It doesn’t matter how much it costs or if we already have one that looks just like it, we will shell out our hard-earned cash. Do we need it? Absolutely not. That doesn’t matter. What matters is we possess an item that reminds us of something geeky we love.

Whilst surfing the internet recently (as I routinely to do), I happened upon an R2D2 swimsuit. You heard me correctly. A swimsuit, made to resemble the small droid from Star Wars. And if I wasn’t broke and it wasn’t eighty-five dollars, it would be in my hands right now. See what I’m saying?

I know I’m not the only one. Read this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama and leave a comment there about your own experiences.

3 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Comic Book & Geek Merchandising”

  1. Cderosby says:

    My Joker wall isn't pathetic…is it?

  2. Eleni says:

    My recent pathetic geek purchase: the ThinkGeek Harry Potter wand TV remote. What really sold me on it was the fact that instead of using buttons, you control the TV through different swishes and flicks of the wand. I HAD to have it. The saddest part: I don't even have a TV right now. I watch everything on my computer. But, you know, some day I'm going to get a TV, of course. And then I can use my $90 remote.

  3. Cderosby says:

    as I'm still at the office and sitting within a 2 ft. radius of my "The Dark Knight" calendar, Boba Fett hanging from my bookshelf. Then there's my wall of Jokers with an action figure from the Animated Series, the McDonalds crappy-meal figure from "Batman The Brave and the Bold", and the Heath "super kick action" figure from a cereal box (Lucky Charms of course). And the Lego Mr. Freeze is there too, another crappy-meal snag. My kids really shouldn't leave their toys where I can get to them.