Hey, That’s My Cape!: Governator Comics

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to star in his own comic book. No, it’s not about Terminators or Predators, it’s about the man himself. Political Power: Arnold Schwarzenegger is due in stores June 30. What a coincidence! That’s the same day I’m quitting comic books.

Written by Justin Peniston with art by Matt Filer, Political Power: Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest in Bluewater Production’s line of political biographies. “[It] traces Schwarzenegger’s life as he rises from obscure body builder to movie star to governor of California.” And not, as one would hope, the Governor going on a rampage in Napa Valley.

Read all about it in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Heartless Doll.

2 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape!: Governator Comics”

  1. I'm conflicted. This is either horrible or horribly awesome.

  2. This really makes me think of mein kampf, except drawn in crayon.