Hey, That’s My Cape! – How I Came To Love Superheroines

Last week I complained about some recent comics (you know the ones) and my frustration with parts of the industry that still don’t understand where people like me are coming from. And when I say people like me I don’t necessarily mean just women, as I know some men share my sentiments on the current controversy as well, but comic fans who want more from their favorite publishers, comic fans who have a specific history with their characters.

I felt like I should share with you all some of where I come from personally as a fan. I can try and speak on behalf of the countless stories I’ve heard from others on this topic but I can only truly speak for myself and how I view things. I’ve seen a lot of readers forget that’s why I’m here to write this column, to share my own outlook. Opinions are just that, sometimes people agree, sometimes they don’t and we form those opinions based on our personal experiences.

Read about a few of my favorite superheroines and how I came to love them (hint: it wasn’t comic books) in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama.

One Response to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – How I Came To Love Superheroines”

  1. Here we thought you were giving up HBRC to attend to your new gig! Glad to see you're still posting. Enjoyed the newsarama article. It's so interesting to find out why people are drawn to certain characters. It tells us about the person, and also gives us more appreciation of the character.