Hey, That’s My Cape! – I’m a Geek, Girl

I don’t like having to explain myself. It’s like having to explain a joke. It’s not as funny anymore. When you have to explain yourself, things get bogged down. But sometimes I feel the need to do so. I apologize in advance to those who read my column here regularly as you, I assume, are already aware that women read comic books. But for new readers or perhaps those that don’t read comics themselves, this needs to be said.

I’m a geek. I’m also a girl. I’m a Geek Girl. This is how I personally choose to identify myself along with a group of other women who share similar tastes in entertainment with me. I haven’t identified myself as a Geek Girl my entire life even though I pretty much always was one. The term just didn’t exist in my mind or world until a few years ago. In fact, it was one of the terms I came across while trying to find a blog moniker for myself. I eventually chose “The Nerdy Bird” because I thought it sounded interesting but still got my point across. Same with my actual blog title, “Has Boobs, Reads Comics.” When I started my blog in 2008 there weren’t nearly as many females out there writing about their love of comics. I felt my satirical title was necessary to not only grab the attention of potential readers but to also state simply and clearly who I was and what my blog was about. I’ve actually had several women through the years thank me for putting myself out there like that and making them feel more at ease doing the same.
Head on over to Newsarama to read the rest of my thoughts on the Geek Girl phenomena and my State of Geek address as it were, in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape!

7 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – I’m a Geek, Girl”

  1. david_b says:

    LOVE your blog, no need to explain. Love your views on comics/sci-fi and other interests.

    Please never stop expressing your views, they're very refreshing and cool.

    Blessings, David.

  2. Eleni says:

    The first time I saw your blog title, I thought it was funny. No need to read too much into it.

    If that person feels that women are equals in the world of comic books today, then she's fortunate. Look at Big Bang Theory: They started off with four extremely geeky guys and one non-geeky girl. Now they've added two frequent guest stars who are female scientists, but there still aren't any girls in the comic book store. While the show may not be an accurate portrayal of modern nerds, it does reflect the popular perception of nerds today. And that is that the comic books are still for boys.

  3. That art ROCKS! Girls who read comics rock, too- none of which live here, somehow…Ughhh!

  4. That sounds awesome Sartorial Nerd! Do you have them posted online anywhere?

  5. I'm all about embracing the Geek Girl title. Some of my self-proclaimed feminist friends have given me a hard time but I don't think it's anyone else's business how I choose to identify.

    I also love your blog title because I did a series of paintings in college about comic book boobage. Your banner speaks to me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lovin the Blog!! Is Why M.A.E.K. Music a group or something else? Im confused, but those Ex-Man songs were awesome